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Glass Buttons #1
Glass Buttons
SKU: 00056952
US$ 10.40
This oval shank button consists of a glass crystal (Rainbow Rose) in a golden metal setting. Smooth, flat and shiny, it is ideal for elegant pieces.
Rhinestone Buttons #1
Rhinestone Buttons
SKU: 00066647
US$ 31
This luxurious metal shank button has a beautiful floral design. The oval opal bead is surrounded by vibrant Swarovski rhinestones (Emerald).
Horn Buttons #1
Horn Buttons
SKU: 00061397
US$ 5.40
This two-hole grey and beige button has a carved oval-shape design. It is made of natural horn and has a glossy, smooth surface.
Metal Buttons #1
Metal Buttons
SKU: 00069727
US$ 18.20
This shank button in a dark golden color features an oval shape and a butterfly design. The butterfly is coated with terracotta enamel and has a glossy finish.
Enamel Buttons #1
Enamel Buttons
SKU: 00067860
US$ 10.70
This metal shank button has an original grape design. It is painted by hand with enamel in purple and green shades.
Rhinestone Buttons  #1
Rhinestone Buttons
SKU: 00027147
US$ 11.70
These oval shank buttons feature a faceted Swarovski rhinestone in a metal setting. Buttons are available in several colors (see photo #1) and in a larger size: 27148.