Leather Effect

What do we get if we combine the strict prose of leather with the romantic poetry of lace? Unique fabrics and fine patterns with noble coating that imitates the polished finish of expensive leather. Even the greatest fashion designers can’t resist the temptation

Leather Effect




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Guipure Lace #1
Guipure Lace
SKU: 00052519
398 US$
This violet guipure lace boasts an all-over floral pattern. To ensure its impeccable quality, the Swiss masters use a supplementary cloth, which is removed at the final stage of production.
Floral Appliqued Silk Crepe de Chine #1
Floral Appliqued Silk Crepe de Chine
SKU: 00053121
395 US$
This Swiss silk fabric boasts a hypnotizing black and white print. It is embellished with innovative, hi-tech black floral appliques made of polyurethane fiber.
Faux Leather Applique Sequined Lace #1
Faux Leather Applique Sequined Lace
SKU: 00041583
741 US$
This exquisite black lace is embroidered by hand with myriads of matching sequins, which fill the fabric with a marvelous glimmer. It is also adorned with floral appliques made of faux leather and decorated with jet black beads of various sizes.