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Glossy Corded Lace #1
Glossy Corded Lace
SKU: 00061935
233 US$
This corded lace fabric in mink brown boasts a fairytale botanical pattern. The noble glossy effect has been achieved by running the lace through the press.
Embroidered Organza #1
Embroidered Organza
SKU: 00059471
976 US$
This luxury organza fabric is filled with mysterious characters and symbols. It features a series of patterns arranged in vertical rows – fancy swirls, water lilies, leafy branches made with beige and golden threads.
Silver Guipure Lace #1
Silver Guipure Lace
SKU: 00059473
1,137 US$
This exquisite guipure lace fabric celebrates the bounty of nature, interlacing blossoms, grapes and pomegranates into an elaborate pattern crafted in silver tones. Joined with a weightless lattice net, it shimmers with delicate glitter, especially in the evening light.
Swarovski Hologram Organza #1
Swarovski Hologram Organza
SKU: 00042149
2,030 US$
This lightweight organza fabric features an ice grey color with an elegant metallic sheen. It is decorated with hot fix Swarovski rhinestones of various shapes and sizes, attached by hand to the sheer ground in a swirling botanical pattern.
Sequined Silk Lame Chiffon #1
Sequined Silk Lame Chiffon
SKU: 00066863
1,310 US$
This silk lame chiffon is an innovative creation of Jakob Schlaepfer, famous for its constant experiments with fabric designs and textures. Fine and translucent, it is woven with metallic fibers that go loose here and there, just like festive tinsel.
Sequined Chiffon #1
Sequined Chiffon
SKU: 00042152
1,485 US$
This sequined fabric created by Jakob Schlaepfer consists of myriads of sequins, sewn onto a fine polyester ground. Sequins are attached in a half-overlapping manner and sit firmly on the chiffon, allowing it to be cut any way needed for your special design project.
Embroidered Chantilly  Lace #1
Embroidered Chantilly Lace
SKU: 00040563
636 US$
This exquisite Chantilly lace features a floral ornament created with metallic threads. Strewn with silver and golden sequins, beads and bugles, it is infused with an iridescent glimmer that becomes almost irresistible in the light.
Embroidered Tulle #1
Embroidered Tulle
SKU: 00067664
1,497 US$
This stunning tulle fabric is an extraordinary masterpiece offered to us by Jakob Schlaepfer, a renowned Swiss manufacturer famous for their innovative approach to textiles. The lower edge is decorated with alternating strips of silver trims and tweed boucle in off-white, pink, lilac, beige and black – five of each.
Guipure Lace #1
Guipure Lace
SKU: 00061566
382 US$
This exquisite silver guipure lace comes with an ornate floral pattern. With its medium weight, moderate stiffness and exceptional texture, this lace is ideal for all kinds of garments and looks stunning as overlay.
Metal Embroidered Chantilly Lace #1
Metal Embroidered Chantilly Lace
SKU: 00029996
167 US$
835 US$
This lilac Chantilly lace fabric features a dainty floral ornament, heavily decorated with complex floral embroidery. Each flower consists of metal elements shaped like petals, with a cluster of beads and sequins in the centre.
Metallic Taffeta Lame #1
Metallic Taffeta Lame
SKU: 00069154
311 US$
This luxury taffeta fabric in lilac grey features an elaborate floral print. Silver metallic fibers running across the weft lend it a mesmerizing pearl sheen.