Fashion Turn

Fashion has taken another turn, and we are back to feminine silhouettes and full skirts. Yet the modern world couldn’t help but leave its metallic touches on the dress.

Fashion Turn


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Swarovski Hologram Organza #1
Swarovski Hologram Organza
SKU: 00042149
1,994 US$
This lightweight organza fabric features an ice grey color with an elegant metallic sheen. It is decorated with hot fix Swarovski rhinestones of various shapes and sizes, attached by hand to the sheer ground in a swirling botanical pattern.
Metal Embroidered Chantilly Lace #1
Metal Embroidered Chantilly Lace
SKU: 00029996
795 US$
This lilac Chantilly lace fabric features a dainty floral ornament, heavily decorated with complex floral embroidery. Each flower consists of metal elements shaped like petals, with a cluster of beads and sequins in the centre.
Swarovski Guipure Trim #1
Swarovski Guipure Trim
SKU: 00028551
575 US$
This fancy guipure trim features a geometric design. It consists of linked pieces, encrusted with golden pink, pearl white and burgundy Swarovski rhinestones.
Shot Organza #1
Shot Organza
SKU: 00044174
363 US$
This sheer organza features a shot effect: it looks grey from a distance, but in motion it shimmers with green. Lightweight as a feather, it still has a stiff texture typical of such fabrics, yet is quite elastic.
Organza #1
SKU: 00042025
530 US$
This sheer organza features a floral print depicting a variety of wild flowers and herbs. The Swiss masters used a special dyeing technique to achieve an intricate effect resulting in a different level of brightness.