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In our age of advanced synthetics and their complex blends we all sometimes long to put on a dress made of purely natural fabric. Silk, cotton, wool… Just as hundreds and thousands years ago, we love them for a number of their outstanding properties, which are quite difficult to replicate artificially. Linen is surely one of those Old but Gold organic fabrics that people have been using since ancient times. Let’s find out what is so remarkable about it and what types of this fabric you can buy at TISSURA Online Fabric Shop.

The valuable qualities of European linen

As we have said, linen is natural. It is obtained from flax that grows extensively in many Western European countries, especially in Northern Ireland. Irish linen is widely regarded as a synonym of perfect quality and is used by prominent fabric manufacturers. Flax fibres are highly valued by many people for such great qualities as cool handle, perfect absorption, non-allerginicity as well as for their antibacterial and antimycotic properties. Moreover, even low blends of Irish linen feature them!

The flax from Normandy is no less precious. It is used by one of our major partners — Thomas Mason, which always seeks the best batches from each crop. This brand constantly introduces top-notch modern production technologies resulting in the utmost quality of one of the world’s finest linens.

Swiss linens at TISSURA are represented by such renowned brands as Jakob Schlaepfer, Forster Rohner and Hausammann. These companies produce taffeta, numerous appliqués and blends with cotton fibres, while the first two are also famous for embroidered melange. All of them are the real masterpieces that inspire creativity in fashion. Moreover, these manufacturers utilize a unique technique of automated embroidery that prevents shrinkage. Our clients love Swiss shirting and dressing linens for their increased water vapour permeability, light weight and exquisite texture. These specific qualities go in hand with resistance to wear and abrasion, hypoallergenicity and perfect antistatic qualities.

Austrian linen from HOH can be compared with best silks — so thin and exquisite it is. Its advanced machinery, talented designers and a large archive enables this company to decorate their fabrics with classy intricate embroidery. Floral lace appliqués on linen and hand-cut fabrics from HOH are the go-to options for your summer dresses, skirts or jackets. Linen from Austria regularly enjoys the highest popularity amongst the world’s most famous couturiers.

It is also necessary to mention Italian printed linen imbued with the elegance of Paisley or floral patterns. It comprises fabrics with water-repellent coating, linen with a glossy finish and solid colour linen.

Men can always find linens from Hausammann for shirts and trousers. If you need a stylish and high quality jacket — go for our linens from Scabal! Constructed in a twill weave and featuring a distinctive feel, they are the perfect options for spring and summer seasons. However, if you need a light business suit, both men and women will definitely like our assortment of striped and checkered linens.

Linen fabrics online at TISSURA

As you see, at our shop, you can buy online 100% linen fabrics from various European manufacturers, as well as linen & cotton blend fabrics. Each single cloth from our assortment has been thoroughly selected to meet the highest requirements for design, newness and impeccable quality. At TISSURA you can see the novelties from not only latest collections, but even the fabrics that are just yet to come.

If you prefer ecology-friendly clothes, enjoy our linings made out of such organic fibres as silk, cotton or viscose.

“That’s all great”, you may think, “but how can I get these fabrics if your shop is not in my country?” Actually, there’s nothing to worry about, as our international delivery knows no borders! After receiving your order, we will dispatch our fabric right to your door in any part of the world.

Coated Linen #1
Coated Linen
SKU: 00048249
US$ 34
This plain woven linen fabric is practical and versatile. With its waterproof coating, it is the perfect pick for spring and autumn wear.
Linen Rainwear Fabric #1
Linen Rainwear Fabric
SKU: 00048259
US$ 48
This coated linen has been created in Italy to boost our spirits on rainy days. Highly durable and tearproof, it keeps you dry and comfortable should the weather be bad.
Cotton Linen #1
Cotton Linen
SKU: 00070365
US$ 42
The cotton and linen blend fabric. Colors – pink, blue, light blue, aqua green, brown, lilac, yellow.
Cotton Linen #1
Cotton Linen
SKU: 00070364
US$ 42
The cotton and linen blend fabric. Colors – scarlet red and green.
Embroidered Linen #1
Embroidered Linen
SKU: 00069166
US$ 752
This 100% linen fabric in medium blue is crafted in Switzerland. It is embellished with all-over chamomile embroidery made with off-white and golden metallic threads.
Linen Jacquard #1
Linen Jacquard
SKU: 00069078
US$ 55
This Italian linen features elegant grey stripes on the white background. Woven with silver metallic threads, it has a slight sheen.