Swiss Haute Couture Dress Fabric

Type of lace
Knitted Fabric  #1
Knitted Fabric - Switzerland (Polyester 100%)
SKU: 00061882
50 US$
This fabric resembles hand-knitting and boasts a fantasy ornament in red, turquoise and more. Metallic threads blended into the weave lend the fabric a mysterious golden glimmer.
Silk Lame Jacquard #1
Silk Lame Jacquard - Switzerland (Silk 85% Polyester 15%)
SKU: 00061881
235 US$
This beige silk jacquard is designed with a catchy stripe pattern formed of metallic threads, running parallel to each other all across the fabric. Lightweight and delicate, this semi-sheer silk lame has a soft drape and is best suitable for unstructured garments to be worn in summer.
Lame Effect Organza #1
Lame Effect Organza - Switzerland (Metallic Fibers 82% Polyester 9% Silk 9%)
SKU: 00061880
321 US$
This sheer organza fabric makes everyone gasp at its unbeatable pearly sheen. Stiff and crisp, it creates sculptural folds and pleats and is a perfect tool for your engineered dresses and skirts that will keep shape without undue weight.
Metallic Brocade #1
Metallic Brocade - Switzerland (Cotton 62% Silk 25% Polyester 13%)
SKU: 00061870
107 US$
This golden brocade features a diagonal weave design. Thick and durable, it resembles denim with its sturdy structure, with metallic threads giving it a mesmerizing glow.
Ribboned Silk Organza #1
Ribboned Silk Organza - Switzerland (Silk 100%)
SKU: 00061869
217 US$
This sheer peach organza is an embroidered beauty produced on the high-tech equipment in Switzerland. Made of 100% silk, it is smooth and stiff and is decorated with white ribbons, carefully drawn through the fabric in a stripe pattern.
Wool Jacquard #1
Wool Jacquard - Switzerland (Worsted Wool 80% Cashmere 20%)
SKU: 00061866
312 US$
This wool blend jacquard features an all-over raised pattern. The weave design gives a two-color effect, bringing the grey shade closer to black.
Golden Tulle #1
Golden Tulle - Switzerland (Polyamide 60% Polyester 40%)
SKU: 00061865
65 US$
This fine gauge tulle is extremely lightweight and luminous. With its mesmerizing golden color and slight stretch, it is an all-the-rage fabric that will have everybody talking if laid over a dress or a skirt.