Heady Mauve Fabrics from Top Fashion Colors Spring/Summer 2018

Type of lace
Silk Organza #1
Silk Organza - France ( Silk 100% )
SKU: 00065585
58 US$
This sheer silk organza by Sfate & Combier is a lightweight fabric with a crisp drape. Fine and see-through, it is unexpectedly strong and provides enough volume to any dress, blouse, top or skirt.
Double Wool Crepe #1
Double Wool Crepe - Italy ( Worsted Wool 77% Polyamide 19% Elastane 4% )
SKU: 00062911
130 US$
This lilac crepe fabric is mostly made of merino wool. It has a soft, yet a slightly textured feel due to the grained effect on the surface.
Linen #1
Linen Fabric - Austria ( Linen 100% )
SKU: 00053864
69 US$
This linen fabric features a heather lilac color. Made of one of the most durable natural materials, with a distinctive slubby texture, it is breathable and absorbent and is ideal for summer garments.
Sequined Guipure Lace #1
Sequined Guipure Lace - Austria ( Viscose 70% Cotton 30% )
SKU: 00053653
645 US$
452 US$
This lilac guipure lace fabric features an original weave design. Hundreds of sequins are carefully woven into the base in a subtle floral pattern.
Organza Cloque #1
Organza Cloque - Italy ( Silk 67% Polyamide 33% )
SKU: 00046334
115 US$
63 US$
This semi-sheer organza fabric in amethyst lilac features a raised pattern. The cloque effect is created by combining two layers of fabric under different tension.
Embroidered Cotton Jacquard #1
Embroidered Cotton Jacquard - Switzerland ( Cotton 96% Viscose 3% Polyamide 1% )
SKU: 00044503
737 US$
This cotton fabric in pale lilac is decorated with satin stitch hat embroidery. Each woven element features a stylish accessory attached by hand – a bow, a sequin trim or a rose bouquet made of pleated ribbons.
Silk Organza #1
Silk Organza - France ( Silk 100% )
SKU: 00026198
64 US$
This sheer silk organza features a lilac color. It has a slightly stiff texture and a subtle sheen.
Satin Chiffon #1
Satin Chiffon - France ( Silk 86% Nylon 14% )
SKU: 00021194
76 US$
38 US$
This translucent silk chiffon features a pale lilac color. Delightfully soft to touch, our top quality fabric is mostly made of silk and is lightweight, breathable and silky.
Silk Habotai Lining #1
Silk Habotai Lining - France ( Silk 100% )
SKU: 00015283
58 US$
25 US$
This fine silk fabric features a lilac color. Made of premium silk, it is lightweight and breathable and adjusts well to body temperature, ensuring comfort in wear.