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Silk Shawl #1
Silk Shawl
SKU: 00046491
US$ 230
This silk shawl features a polka dot pattern, combined with a set of logos which range from navy to pale blue. Lightweight and smooth, it drapes gracefully around the neck, exuding charm and femininity.
Silk Shawl #1
Silk Shawl
SKU: 00046490
US$ 230
This silk shawl features a polka dot pattern, combined with a set of logos which range from burgundy to pale pink. Lightweight and smooth, it drapes gracefully around the neck, exuding charm and femininity.
Silk Shawl #1
Silk Shawl
SKU: 00046489
US$ 230
This silk shawl features a polka dot pattern, combined with a set of logos which range from black to pale grey. Lightweight and smooth, it drapes gracefully around the neck, exuding charm and femininity.
Silk Shawl #1
Silk Shawl
SKU: 00046486
US$ 233
This silk shawl in slate green features a polka dot pattern, combined with a large logo. The twill weave with diagonal ribs provides a dull sheen.
Silk Shawl #1
Silk Shawl
SKU: 00046485
US$ 233
This pink silk shawl features a polka dot pattern, combined with a large logo. The twill weave with diagonal ribs provides a dull sheen.
Wool, Mohair & Silk Scarf #1
Wool, Mohair & Silk Scarf
SKU: 00029553
US$ 92
This tribal scarf is a comforting blend of merino wool, mohair and silk. Soft and textured, it is designed in earthly tones and looks well with any style.
Studded Stretch Scarf #1
Studded Stretch Scarf
SKU: 00025710
US$ 775 US$ 155
This gorgeous scarf is a creation of Jakob Schlaepfer, a famous Swiss manufacturer renowned for its constant experiments with designs and textures. Entirely made of polyester, it is woven as a stretch-knit fabric to give it a slight stretch effect that silk scarves lack.
Cashmere Scarf  #1
Cashmere Scarf
SKU: 00021957
US$ 205
This chocolate brown scarf by Holland & Sherry is claimed to be “woven in Scotland from the finest cashmere in the world”. This British textile and tailoring company sticks to manufacturing standards dating back to 1836.

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Pashmina Wool & Silk #1
Pashmina Wool & Silk
SKU: 00042987
US$ 508
This luxury suiting fabric is half Pashmina wool (Super 170’s), half silk. Pashmina is the downy undercoat of the Tibetan goat, which rivals cashmere in terms of softness.
Corded Lace #1
Corded Lace
SKU: 00058846
US$ 410
This exquisite corded lace fabric comes in an opulent floral bouquet pattern. It is crafted in a beige ecru color, with golden metallic threads woven throughout to highlight the pattern.
Velvet Trim #1
Velvet Trim
SKU: 00071174
US$ 29
A velvet trim in a grey tone. Colors – grey, beige, golden.
Boucle #1
Boucle Fabric
SKU: 00067665
US$ 72
This dark blue boucle fabric has a characteristic knobbly texture, resulting from a specific weave design. Based on cotton and viscose, it has a light weight and a soft textured feel.
Satin Chiffon #1
Satin Chiffon
SKU: 00050170
US$ 52
This lightweight silk chiffon fabric features a scarlet red color. It has a delicate, sheer texture.
Feather Embroidered Tulle #1
Feather Embroidered Tulle
SKU: 00063211
US$ 568
This finely detailed tulle is decorated with a multitude of long soft feathers and textile petals, all in turquoise. A stunning work of art, it can easily put you in the spotlight.
Metal Buttons #1
Metal Buttons
SKU: 00038944
US$ 4.40
This round metal button boasts a golden and white coat of arms embossed on the flat maroon surface. The embossed pattern matches the rim in color.
Stretch Cotton #1
Stretch Cotton
SKU: 00071533
US$ 77
Swiss cotton fabric with a touch of elastane. Pattern – solid.
Silk Crepe de Chine #1
Silk Crepe de Chine
SKU: 00072032
US$ 98
This silk crepe de chine fabric features an artistic floral print in red and fuchsia colors on a dark purple background. • How does it feel – lightweight, slightly translucent, has an excellent drape, delicate shine, and crepe-like feel.
Corded Lace Trim #1
Corded Lace Trim
SKU: 00065687
US$ 41
This white corded lace trim features a blooming floral motif. Edged with eyelash scallops of different sizes, it is lightweight and sheer like a gossamer.
Silk & Wool Jacquard #1
Silk & Wool Jacquard
SKU: 00060035
US$ 263
This exquisite black jacquard is a luxurious blend of smooth silk and warm wool. It features a whimsical jacquard floral pattern on a fine striped background.
Worsted Wool #1
Worsted Wool
SKU: 00068758
US$ 128
This suiting fabric in cornflower blue is woven using Super 130’s merino worsted wool. What sets it apart from other wool fabrics is its natural elasticity that allows for up to 20% stretch in the weft.
Silk Georgette #1
Silk Georgette
SKU: 00061680
US$ 86
This yellow-green silk georgette boasts a fairytale floral print in green and burgundy tones. Made of highly twisted yarn, it has a grainy texture and a slight spring.
Silk Chiffon #1
Silk Chiffon
SKU: 00063944
US$ 73
This magnificent silk chiffon boasts a sophisticated pattern in brown and white. Our chiffon has a slightly rough feel and a soft sheen.
Guipure Lace Trim #1
Guipure Lace Trim
SKU: 00041537
US$ 113
This lace trim in coffee brown features a whimsical elliptic floral pattern. Both edges are finished with elaborately crafted details, echoing the central pattern.
Sequined Embroidered Chiffon #1
Sequined Embroidered Chiffon
SKU: 00042189
US$ 395 US$ 277
This exclusive chiffon fabric has undergone a two-step finishing process. First, the sheer grey ground was decorated with woven embroidery, featuring straight and zigzag lines.
Corded Lace #1
Corded Lace
SKU: 00059191
US$ 125
This olive green lace fabric features a lovely botanical pattern overlaid with soutache cord. Mostly made of cotton, it is soft and pleasant to the touch, with the distinctive blend of other fibers added for extra durability.
Silk Crepe de Chine #1
Silk Crepe de Chine
SKU: 00070910
US$ 180
100% silk crepe de chine fabric. Pattern – a mix of botanical and paisley designs in ecru on an olive background.
Rhinestone & Enamel Buttons #1
Rhinestone & Enamel Buttons
SKU: 00067850
US$ 32
This metal shank button has a lovely floral design. The heart is a white enamel flower with a metal bead on top, surrounded by six round Jet Black crystals.
Fringe Trim #1
Fringe Trim
SKU: 00067571
US$ 19.70
This fringe trim in ecru is decorated with fancy black chain. Highly versatile, it can be used to add drama to any design projects, from dresses, jackets and skirts to purses and other accessories.
Double Faced Silk & Cotton Mikado #1
Double Faced Silk & Cotton Mikado
SKU: 00065848
US$ 160
This silk and cotton mikado fabric is a reversible cloth with two face sides – dark blue and light grey. Made of two natural fibers, it has a dense structure and a smooth finish.
Silk Georgette #1
Silk Georgette
SKU: 00050184
US$ 107
This semi-sheer silk georgette features a sand beige color. It is made of highly twisted silk yarns and has a dry hand and a grainy surface.
Shot Silk Taffeta #1
Shot Silk Taffeta
SKU: 00059922
US$ 123
This silk taffeta fabric is woven of different colored yarns that produce a mesmerizing shot effect. The color flows from light blue to red.
Chantilly Lace #1
Chantilly Lace
SKU: 00059695
US$ 119
This white Chantilly lace fabric comes in an opulent rose pattern. Edged with scallops on both sides, it has a sheer texture and is most suitable for decoration and bridal projects.
Rhinestone Buttons #1
Rhinestone Buttons
SKU: 00070193
US$ 53
This luxury metal shank button boasts a graceful round design. It is encrusted with rhinestones of two colors: Jet Hematite and Black Diamond.
Feather & Rhinestone Embroidered Trim #1
Feather & Rhinestone Embroidered Trim
SKU: 00068841
US$ 225
This graceful trim features black marabou feathers on a piece of sheer tulle. It is adorned with grey crystals, bugles and beads creating a floral design.
Guipure Lace #1
Guipure Lace
SKU: 00056242
US$ 368 US$ 258
This cream guipure lace features an enigmatic pattern evoking associations with either floral motifs or stars. It has a slightly raised, delicate texture and a soft finish.
Chantilly Lace Trim #1
Chantilly Lace Trim
SKU: 00049215
US$ 29
This white Chantilly lace trim boasts a blooming floral ornament. Edged with eyelash scallops, it is best suited for finishing and apparel accents.
Silk Jersey Knit #1
Silk Jersey Knit
SKU: 00040263
US$ 176
This silk jersey in a slate blue color is renowned for its excellent drape and softness. With its 2-way stretch and smooth finish, it is an ideal fabric for bodycon dresses, tops and skirts with a clingy silhouette.
Silk Chiffon #1
Silk Chiffon
SKU: 00063945
US$ 73
This magnificent silk chiffon fabric boasts an artistic floral print. Our chiffon has a slightly rough feel and a soft sheen.
Cotton Shirting #1
Cotton Shirting
SKU: 00066324
US$ 57
This lilac shirting fabric features a herringbone pattern. Made of 100% cotton, it is soft and completely opaque.
Cotton Poplin #1
Cotton Poplin
SKU: 00066809
US$ 45
This cotton poplin boasts a candy stripe in white and blue. Made of soft breathable cotton, this fabric is a nice companion for spring/summer walks.
Lapis Lazuli Wool & Cashmere #1
Lapis Lazuli Wool & Cashmere
SKU: 00040625
US$ 588
This exclusive suiting fabric by Scabal is made of Super 150’s worsted wool and a touch of cashmere, added for extra softness. Constructed in a twill weave in a dark blue color, it also contains tiny particles of lapis lazuli.
Sequined Applique Tulle #1
Sequined Applique Tulle
SKU: 00063273
US$ 835
This statement tulle is embroidered with a lavish amount of round and flower-shaped sequins in an olive green color. The lower half is decorated with fabric leaf appliques that create a stunning movement effect.
Worsted Wool, Mohair & Cashmere #1
Worsted Wool, Mohair & Cashmere
SKU: 00042989
US$ 151
This black suiting fabric is based on high quality Super 120’s worsted wool. An ideal material for colder weather suits, it also contains a touch of mohair which makes it crisper and warmer.
Silk Jacquard #1
Silk Jacquard
SKU: 00058134
US$ 143
This beige and black silk jacquard features a tartan pattern, combined with a subtle lace ornament. The lower edge is decorated with a floral motif.
Silk Crepe #1
Silk Crepe
SKU: 00066591
US$ 150
This silk crepe fabric features a white color. Translucent when held to the light, it has a crisp texture and a soft hand.
Velvet #1
Velvet Fabric
SKU: 00060224
US$ 82
This elegant velvet fabric features a light blue color. A delicate mix of viscose and silk, it has a short dense pile and a distinctive shimmer.
Worsted Wool & Cashmere #1
Worsted Wool & Cashmere
SKU: 10000241
US$ 182
This jacketing fabric is a refined combination of Super 130’s worsted wool and cashmere. Fine and lightweight, it boasts a luxurious soft feel and is a perfect pick for trendy jackets.
Embroidered Cotton #1
Embroidered Cotton
SKU: 00063108
US$ 53
This embroidered fabric is cotton that reminds of the first spring flowers. White and tender, it is decorated all over with olive eyelet embroidery for a beautiful see-through effect.
Rhinestone Buttons #1
Rhinestone Buttons
SKU: 00070172
US$ 6.70
This metal shank button is encrusted with a graceful faceted round rhinestone (Sapphire) with a pointed centre. Great for a variety of apparel.
Swarovski Buttons #1
Swarovski Buttons
SKU: 00018965
US$ 4.70
This Swarovski rhinestone button features a multifaceted design with two holes. It has an iridescent appearance (Crystal AB).
Silk Satin #1
Silk Satin
SKU: 00015305
US$ 151
This silk satin features a light cream color. It has a smooth surface and a lustrous sheen.
Metal Buttons #1
Metal Buttons
SKU: 00056405
US$ 5.10
This round shank button features a coat of arms pattern on a navy background. It also boasts an embossed logo “Bomisa-Milano”.
Shamrock Applique Linen #1
Shamrock Applique Linen
SKU: 00053113
US$ 347
This lightweight linen fabric features a mint green color. Made of one of the most durable natural materials sourced from Ireland, it is breathable and absorbent and is ideal for summer garments.
Worsted Wool & Cashmere #1
Worsted Wool & Cashmere
SKU: 00047009
US$ 154
This Super 120’s worsted wool fabric features a fancy stripe pattern in a variety of grey tones. Constructed in a twill weave, with a touch of premium cashmere to enhance its soft feel, it is a true specimen of elegance and style.
Embroidered Chantilly Lace Trim #1
Embroidered Chantilly Lace Trim
SKU: 00044602
US$ 194
This blue Chantilly lace trim features a botanical motif, overlaid with matching glass bugles. The Italian masters have carefully adorned it by hand, paying attention to every single detail.
Double Faced Tweed #1
Double Faced Tweed
SKU: 00046811
US$ 205
This revolutionary double faced tweed is a combination of worsted wool, silk, linen and cashmere. The face side is heather blue, while the reverse side is deeper in color.
Jacquard Cloque #1
Jacquard Cloque
SKU: 00061720
US$ 108
This grey lilac jacquard has a raised woven pattern, also known as ‘cloque’. The face side is smooth and textured, while the reverse is fabulously soft to the touch.
Plastic Buttons #1
Plastic Buttons
SKU: 00045580
US$ 5.20
This ball shank button in beige boasts a carved king’s crown design. It is made of galalith, produced from natural casein.
Beaded Trim #1
Beaded Trim
SKU: 00041513
US$ 99
This incredible trim is a masterpiece by the famous French producer Sophie Hallette. It is made of several layers of black and ivory lace.
Silk Jacquard #1
Silk Jacquard
SKU: 00055200
US$ 65
This silk jacquard fabric made in Italy features an all-over polka dot pattern. Made of pure silk, it is silky soft, lustrous and completely opaque.
Silk Georgette #1
Silk Georgette
SKU: 00054097
US$ 78
This lightweight silk georgette features black polka dots on a white background. Small or large, one-size or gradual, plain or multicolored — polka dots are always in fashion! The sheer structure softens the colors, keeping them smart and elegant.
Tweed Boucle #1
Tweed Boucle
SKU: 00069471
US$ 171
This Italian tweed boucle fabric has a loose weave. The color palette in yellow, grey, white is graceful.