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Solar Beige Fabrics from Top Fashion Colors Spring/Summer 201825

Type of lace
Silk Chiffon #1
Silk Chiffon
SKU: 00024769
US$ 55US$ 38.50
This enchanting silk chiffon boasts a light brown color. Our breathable fabric is made of pure silk.
Silk Jersey Knit #1
Silk Jersey Knit
SKU: 00050741
US$ 206
This silk jersey in a sunkissed brown color is renowned for its excellent drape and softness. With its 2-way stretch and smooth finish, it is an ideal fabric for bodycon dresses, tops and skirts with a clingy silhouette.
Silk Taffeta #1
Silk Taffeta
SKU: 00015369
US$ 125
This silk taffeta features a golden beige color. Renowned for its crisp texture, delicate sheen and signature rustle, it is a popular choice for evening wear, be it dresses, gowns or skirts.
Golden Tulle #1
Golden Tulle
SKU: 00061865
US$ 61
This fine gauge tulle is extremely lightweight and luminous. With its mesmerizing golden color and slight stretch, it is an all-the-rage fabric that will have everybody talking if laid over a dress or a skirt.
Corded Lace #1
Corded Lace
SKU: 00065752
US$ 203
This golden corded lace fabric boasts a fairy-tale floral pattern outlined with matching soutache cord. Metallic fibers blended into the weave lend it a remarkable glossy sheen.
Embroidered Cutwork Organza #1
Embroidered Cutwork Organza
SKU: 00056240
US$ 1,012
This silk organza fabric is decorated with dense cutwork embroidery. Such technique is also referred to as Richelieu embroidery and requires much time and scrupulous attention.