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Top Fashion Colors 2018 — Harbor Mist Fabric 8

Silk Tulle #1
Silk Tulle
SKU: 00055235
US$ 59
This fine gauge tulle in ash grey has a heavenly soft feel to it. Lightweight and gauzy, it has a slight stretch for a more comfortable movement.
Applique Embroidered Tulle #1
Applique Embroidered Tulle
SKU: 00065352
US$ 620
This embroidered tulle brought to you by Italian maestros of decoration draws on abstract and floral themes, taking the best of both worlds. Decorated with satin stitch in several shades of grey, it is smooth and silky and feels slightly textured under your fingers.
Swarovski Silk Organza #1
Swarovski Silk Organza
SKU: 00026693
US$ 447 US$ 90
This semi-sheer silk organza has a slight bluish sheen. It is decorated with sets of silver hot fix Swarovski sequins, resembling comets in the night sky.
Embroidered Melange Fabric #1
Embroidered Melange Fabric
SKU: 00067646
US$ 917
This suiting mélange fabric has come all the way from Switzerland, the country synonymous with quality. Designed in a slate grey color, it is quite dense, soft and completely opaque.
Silk Shantung Taffeta #1
Silk Shantung Taffeta
SKU: 00065846
US$ 189
This silk shantung taffeta boasts a steel grey color. It is characterized by a fair amount of body and crisp, yet is slightly softer than your average silk taffeta.
Satin Chiffon #1
Satin Chiffon
SKU: 00050165
US$ 52
This lightweight silk chiffon fabric features a silver grey color. It has a delicate, sheer texture.
Jacquard #1
Jacquard Fabric
SKU: 00063949
US$ 60
This jacquard fabric in cloudy grey features a raised floral pattern. Soft and dense, it boasts a lovely drape and outstanding wearability.
Linen & Cotton Rainwear Fabric #1
Linen & Cotton Rainwear Fabric
SKU: 00048254
US$ 45
This linen and cotton blend in light grey has been created in Italy to boost our spirits on rainy days. Treated to be rainproof, it is impervious to water and keeps you dry and comfortable should the weather be bad.

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Satin Chiffon #1
Satin Chiffon
SKU: 00021200
US$ 72
This translucent silk chiffon fabric features a purple color with a greyish tinge. Delightfully soft to touch, our top quality cloth is mostly made of silk and is lightweight, breathable and silky.
Silk Cloque #1
Silk Cloque
SKU: 00055034
US$ 203
This Italian silk cloque fabric boasts a luxurious ornamental print in grey, lilac, pink, white and blue. The slightly textured surface has a puckered effect, achieved by weaving yarns under different tension.
Embroidered Tulle #1
Embroidered Tulle
SKU: 00068261
US$ 700
This luxury fabric has been created by the Swiss experts who know everything about embroidery. What you have here is a perfect specimen of fine gauge black tulle decorated with guipure elements in a contrasting khaki color.
Enamel Buttons #1
Enamel Buttons
SKU: 00043261
US$ 4
This metal shank button features a golden raised pattern. It is coated with orange enamel.
Cotton Shirting #1
Cotton Shirting
SKU: 00049439
US$ 60
This shirting fabric features a subtle herringbone pattern on a cornflower blue background. It is made of the most highly graded Egyptian cotton – Giza 45.
Chantilly Lace Trim #1
Chantilly Lace Trim
SKU: 00049227
US$ 15.60
This eyelash lace trim features a floral pattern outlined in fine ecru thread. Lightweight and sheer, available in a series of eye-pleasing colors, it is bound to add a romantic touch to any design.
Silk Chiffon #1
Silk Chiffon
SKU: 00054333
US$ 173
This silk chiffon features large red peonies on a multicolored background. Lightweight and semi-sheer, it has a slightly bumpy texture and a soft finish.
Ombre Silk Organza #1
Ombre Silk Organza
SKU: 00046345
US$ 86
This lightweight organza fabric is designed with a gentle ombre effect, with colors flowing from soft lilac to frost blue. It has a satin finish and a slightly stiff texture.
Double Faced Wool Crepe #1
Double Faced Wool Crepe
SKU: 00067901
US$ 124
This off-white crepe fabric is made of pure merino wool. It has a soft, yet a slightly textured feel due to the grained effect on the surface.
Corded Lace #1
Corded Lace
SKU: 00069423
US$ 125
This corded lace fabric with eyelash edges is a must-have for any woman. Featuring a subtle floral pattern, it is made of viscose and cotton and has an outstanding soft hand.
Horn Buttons #1
Horn Buttons
SKU: 00056744
US$ 7.50
This two-hole beige button is made of natural horn. It is distinguished by an astonishing openwork design with Scandinavian runes.
Silk Jersey Knit #1
Silk Jersey Knit
SKU: 00050753
US$ 202
This silk jersey in a dusty pink color is renowned for its excellent drape and softness. With its 2-way stretch and smooth finish, it is an ideal fabric for bodycon dresses, tops and skirts with a clingy silhouette.
Coated Wool #1
Coated Wool
SKU: 00067075
US$ 74
This waterproof fabric in rich black is a true Italian know-how. The creative minds at Loro Piana have developed a special technology that ensures protection against rain, dust and dirt.
Enamel Buttons #1
Enamel Buttons
SKU: 00043298
US$ 3.20
This metal shank button features a silver raised pattern. It is coated with orange enamel.
Flocked Tulle #1
Flocked Tulle
SKU: 00068466
US$ 39
This navy tulle fabric has tone-on-tone flocking all over it, which feels velvety to the touch. Sheer and stiff, it has some stretch in the weft.
Guipure Lace Trim #1
Guipure Lace Trim
SKU: 00048354
US$ 19.30
This white guipure lace trim is a series of tiny flowers woven together in a delicate pattern. Use this cotton-blend trim to decorate sleeves, hems or pockets.
Embroidered Wool Jacquard #1
Embroidered Wool Jacquard
SKU: 00058908
US$ 995
This wool blend jacquard features an all-over raised pattern. The weave design gives a two-color effect, bringing the grey shade closer to anthracite.
Satin Chiffon #1
Satin Chiffon
SKU: 00065891
US$ 69
This flowing silk chiffon features an emerald green color. Delightfully soft to touch, our translucent fabric is made of 100% silk and is lightweight, breathable and silky.
Silk Organza #1
Silk Organza
SKU: 00054990
US$ 123
This off-white silk organza fabric features an elegant polka dot pattern in olive. Made of pure silk, it is lightweight and durable.
Stretch Silk Satin #1
Stretch Silk Satin
SKU: 00067499
US$ 100
This silk satin is brought to you from Italy, the land of quality and design. Made of pure silk, it is smooth and lustrous, with a touch of elastane added for a comfy stretch in the weft.
Corded Lace #1
Corded Lace
SKU: 00063887
US$ 111
This corded lace fabric in beige features a lovely floral pattern. The exceptional design boasts sophisticated flowers, finished with soutache cord.
Metal Buttons #1
Metal Buttons
SKU: 00071196
US$ 3.20
Metal shank button in silver and navy colors. Pattern – double-eagle.
Silk Organza #1
Silk Organza
SKU: 00026198
US$ 60
This sheer silk organza features a lilac color. It has a slightly stiff texture and a subtle sheen.
Braided Trim #1
Braided Trim
SKU: 00063637
US$ 11.50
This braided trim in slate grey/beige is perfect for adding a rustic vibe to your design. Soft to the touch, it is designed with chenille ribbon in the centre.
Chantilly Lace #1
Chantilly Lace
SKU: 00061923
US$ 94
This grey Chantilly lace fabric by top French producer Sophie Hallette boasts a fancy floral pattern. Dainty arrays of flowers are arranged in a diagonal order against the intricately woven background.
Butterfly Applique Linen #1
Butterfly Applique Linen
SKU: 00050942
US$ 568
This linen fabric features a small houndstooth pattern formed with red, white and green fibers. It is embellished with multicolored bows, sewn onto the ground by hand and topped off tiny Swarovski crystals.
Enamel Buttons #1
Enamel Buttons
SKU: 00043300
US$ 3.20
This metal shank button features a silver raised pattern. It is coated with olive green enamel.
Silk Shawl #1
Silk Shawl
SKU: 00064284
US$ 173
This lightweight chiffon shawl is made of 100% silk. Graphic stripes and vibrant flowers create an ultramodern clash of patterns.
Silk Crepe de Chine #1
Silk Crepe de Chine
SKU: 00071055
US$ 80
100% solid silk fabric in a lavender blue color. • How does it feel – thin, lightweight and translucent, with a slightly grainy feel and matt sheen, lush to the touch, has an excellent drape.
Silk Chiffon #1
Silk Chiffon
SKU: 00063132
US$ 73
This night blue silk chiffon boasts a floral print in Japanese art style. The colors strike the eye: powder pink and muted green neighbor on bright blue and bloody orange.
Plastic Buttons #1
Plastic Buttons
SKU: 00067820
US$ 3.30
This black shank button has a round shape. It is made of galalith, manufactured from natural casein.
Jacquard Fabric #1
Jacquard Fabric
SKU: 00071653
US$ 77
Jacquard fabric with an animal pattern (zebra). Colors – grey, black and pink on a khaki background.
Guipure Lace #1
Guipure Lace
SKU: 00065839
US$ 339
This white guipure lace fabric comes in an ornate floral pattern. A true tatting style masterpiece, it is soft and delicate – you barely see the fine braids that connect the flowers.
Rhinestone Buttons #1
Rhinestone Buttons
SKU: 00070201
US$ 61
This gorgeous metal shank button has an elegant rhomb-like shape. The heart is a luxurious aqua blue (Aquamarine), surrounded by four baguette crystals of the same color and finished with large and small light blue (Crystal Powder Blue) Swarovski rhinestones.
Silk Crepe de Chine #1
Silk Crepe de Chine
SKU: 00059918
US$ 63
This silk crepe de chine features a light blue color. With its medium weight, matt sheen and elegant drape, it is a perfect choice for spring/summer dresses, blouses and skirts.
Silk Crepe de Chine #1
Silk Crepe de Chine
SKU: 10000212
US$ 201
This silk crepe de chine boasts a digital print with horizontal stripes in shades of dark and white chocolate divided by red, blue and white floral ornaments. It has an opaque texture and a crepe-like feel.
Silk Chiffon #1
Silk Chiffon
SKU: 00058507
US$ 73
This zephyr silk chiffon features a vivid feather pattern in beige, brown and turquoise. Made of pure silk, it is breathable, smooth and soft to the touch.
Silk Crepe #1
Silk Crepe
SKU: 00054882
US$ 144
This opaque silk crepe fabric features a pine green color. Made of 100% silk, it has a crisp texture and a dull sheen.
Embroidered Cotton & Linen #1
Embroidered Cotton & Linen
SKU: 00054057
US$ 510
This cotton and linen blend fabric features a light blue houndstooth pattern. The Swiss masters used a special embroidery technique to avoid tightening or pulling the fabric, while decorating it with satin stitch ladies on scooters.
Embroidered Cotton Poplin #1
Embroidered Cotton Poplin
SKU: 00068102
US$ 79
This Italian cotton poplin fabric features luxurious eyelet embroidery. The white background is decorated with fancy tone-on-tone flowers.
Worsted Wool #1
Worsted Wool
SKU: 00064105
US$ 117
This blue suiting fabric is made of Super 120’s worsted wool. Delightfully soft to the touch, it is woven with long staple yarn only and is durable and resilient.
Beaded Decollete Patch #1
Beaded Decollete Patch
SKU: 00068151
US$ 274
This gorgeous decollete embellishment is an exceptional piece of art made entirely by hand. It is embroidered with glass beads, bugles and dozens of silk organza appliques shaped like flowers.
Cotton Lawn #1
Cotton Lawn
SKU: 00064760
US$ 39
This lightweight cotton fabric features an underwater style print in vivid turquoise and blue. Liberty of London takes inspiration from the coastal flora, capturing all of it on a white background.
Silk Satin  #1
Silk Satin
SKU: 00068560
US$ 66
This Italian silk satin fabric boasts an elegant black color. Thin and lightweight, it gives a nice drape.
Worsted Wool #1
Worsted Wool
SKU: 00064104
US$ 108
This dark blue worsted wool fabric features a herringbone weave. Stylish and elegant, it is designed specially for men’s fall/winter jackets.
Silk Crepe #1
Silk Crepe
SKU: 00021224
US$ 135
This silk crepe features a sand beige color. Noted for a delicate sheen and a nice crisp texture, it has an excellent drape and easily holds its shape.
Grosgrain Ribbon #1
Grosgrain Ribbon
SKU: 00059895
US$ 11.70
This dark blue ribbon is woven from silk and cotton fibers in a satin and grosgrain design. Smart and elegant, it boasts a bit of texture lacking in plain satin ribbons.
Tweed Boucle #1
Tweed Boucle
SKU: 00060493
US$ 133
This medium weight tweed boucle is woven from fancy yarn in a light blue and white check pattern. Soft and pleasant to the touch, it boasts a pebbly surface and a textured feel.
Guipure Lace #1
Guipure Lace
SKU: 00062081
US$ 951
This gentle guipure lace boasts an all-over floral pattern in pastel shades of white and blue. Our luxury fabric was created in Switzerland by Forster Rohner.
Guipure Lace Trim #1
Guipure Lace Trim
SKU: 00060735
US$ 28
This ivory guipure lace trim features an understated circle motif nestled between two woven strip details. Mostly made of cotton, it is pleasantly soft to the touch and has a natural look.
Corded Lace #1
Corded Lace
SKU: 00053505
US$ 124
This peach lace fabric features a whimsical floral pattern outlined with pale blue soutache cord. It is edged with ornamental scallops on both sides.
Double Faced Stretch Wool #1
Double Faced Stretch Wool
SKU: 00066943
US$ 146
This medium weight double stretch wool fabric is made of extrafine worsted wool. One side is black, the other boasts a golden brown color.
Rhinestone Buttons #1
Rhinestone Buttons
SKU: 00067859
US$ 60
This luxurious metal shank button has an original beetle design. It is encrusted with round, drop-like and navette rhinestones in pink (Light Amethyst and Red Dark Zirconia) and beige (Fancy Champagne) hues.
Silk Taffeta #1
Silk Taffeta
SKU: 00015368
US$ 123
This silk taffeta fabric features a rich black color. Renowned for its crisp texture, delicate sheen and signature rustle, it is a popular choice for evening wear, be it dresses, gowns or skirts.