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Embroidered Tulle #1
Embroidered Tulle
SKU: 00060724
852 US$
This fine gauge tulle fabric in beige is embroidered all over with hundreds of floral appliques. Featuring the same color, they are attached neatly to the sheer ground without tightening or pulling it.
Sequined Corded Lace #1
Sequined Corded Lace
SKU: 00048371
284 US$
This sheer beige lace features an all-over floral pattern, outlined with matching soutache cord. It is decorated with matt sequins strung on fine threads and attached neatly to the ground.
Guipure Lace #1
Guipure Lace
SKU: 00047537
732 US$
This dainty lace fabric features a tender sand beige color. It consists of a delicate mesh ground with an all-over leaf pattern.
Cotton Batiste #1
Cotton Batiste
SKU: 00060683
45 US$
This translucent beige Swiss batiste is a remarkable legacy of Hausammann, the distinguished ‘timeless cotton’ manufacturers. The Swiss organic fabric organization member is thoroughly committed to quality, creativity and reliability.
Silk Chiffon #1
Silk Chiffon
SKU: 00060136
66 US$
This lightweight silk chiffon features a nude color. It has a delicate, sheer texture and a dry feel.
Silk Chiffon #1
Silk Chiffon
SKU: 00060133
66 US$
This lightweight silk chiffon features a peach beige color. It has a delicate, sheer texture and a dry feel.
Applique Embroidered Chantilly Lace #1
Applique Embroidered Chantilly Lace
SKU: 00054601
1,185 US$
This cream Chantilly lace fabric features a floral pattern outlined with matching glass bugles. The lightweight ground is decorated with floral appliques of various sizes, made of mysteriously shimmering metallized lace.
Chantilly Lace #1
Chantilly Lace
SKU: 00053520
132 US$
This light brown Chantilly lace fabric features a flower bouquet pattern which becomes larger towards the bottom. Mostly made of cotton, it is soft and lightweight, but still durable.
Beaded Sequined Tulle #1
Beaded Sequined Tulle
SKU: 00054228
1,392 US$
This sheer tulle fabric in ecru is embroidered with myriads of glass beads, sequins and faux pearls arranged in an ornamental floral pattern. Non-stretch and durable, it easily holds all this amount of décor without creasing.
Chantilly Lace #1
Chantilly Lace
SKU: 00053946
297 US$
This sheer Chantilly lace fabric features a floral bouquet pattern and is edged with neat eyelash scallops. Woven from premium, high quality fibers, it remains durable and tear proof, while keeping its beautiful sheerness.
Alpaca & Wool Boucle #1
Alpaca & Wool Boucle
SKU: 00059610
166 US$
This coating boucle fabric is a luxurious mix of fine merino wool and precious alpaca yarn. Wool is breathable and wearable and alpaca is warm, hypo-allergenic and has a lovely soft hand.
Macrame Lace #1
Macrame Lace
SKU: 00058661
252 US$
This ecru macrame lace features a botanical ornament, with fancy flowers resembling sea stars. This type of lace, made by knotting fine threads together, requires ultimate attention, as the weaving technique is quite elaborate and time-consuming.
Unique Swarovski Appliqued Chantilly Lace #1
Unique Swarovski Appliqued Chantilly Lace
SKU: 00058779
2,844 US$
This unique Chantilly lace fabric is a bridal dream come true. Featuring an opulent rose pattern outlined with metallic thread, it is strewn with tiny Swarovski crystals sparkling amid dainty blossoms.
Embroidered Handcut Linen #1
Embroidered Handcut Linen
SKU: 00053851
241 US$
This linen-based fabric has a jacquard weave design. Constructed in several shades of beige, it has an overall smooth finish with a slight hint of roughness due to the jacquard weave.
Corded Lace #1
Corded Lace
SKU: 00053500
168 US$
This refined lace in a warm beige color is outlined with matching cord. Edged with eyelash scallops, it is delicate and sheer like a spiderweb.
Swarovski Appliqued Guipure Lace #1
Swarovski Appliqued Guipure Lace
SKU: 00056094
1,960 US$
This guipure lace fabric in nude features a large floral pattern, overlaid with double organza appliques. Each floral applique is embroidered with tone-on-tone threads, giving a nice texture to the surface.
Sequined Chiffon #1
Sequined Chiffon
SKU: 00055286
1,149 US$
This fancy fabric consists of lightweight chiffon, embroidered with dull beige sequins. They are arranged in neat rows, overlapping alternately to the right and to the left.
Sequined Pleated Chiffon #1
Sequined Pleated Chiffon
SKU: 00055282
2,950 US$
This fancy fabric consists of lightweight chiffon, stitched in horizontal pleats. Each pleat is embroidered with rows of dull beige sequins, five parallel rows on each side.
Sequined Tulle #1
Sequined Tulle
SKU: 00055281
1,729 US$
This stunning stretch tulle is embroidered all over with strands of beige, cream and golden sequins. Arranged in a slightly overlapping manner, they create a horizontal stripe pattern that will look gorgeous on skirts, dresses and tops.
Double Faced Silk Satin #1
Double Faced Silk Satin
SKU: 00054946
211 US$
This double-faced silk satin features a cream color. Smooth and lustrous on both sides, it has a heavier weight which makes it ideal for dresses and gowns to be worn without lining.