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Silk Satin #1
Silk Satin
SKU: 00065856
77 US$
This silk fabric features a chocolate brown color. Smooth and lustrous, it gives a gorgeous drape and tends to flow well, hugging the body.
Cotton Jersey Knit #1
Cotton Jersey Knit
SKU: 00060671
72 US$
This cotton jersey knit fabric in dark chocolate is renowned for its excellent drape and softness. With its 2-way stretch and smooth finish, it is an ideal fabric for bodycon dresses, tops, jackets, skirts and trousers with a clingy silhouette.
Cotton Twill #1
Cotton Twill
SKU: 00060630
53 US$
This dark chocolate cotton twill boasts a gorgeous swirl of color and a natural composition. Its sleek simplicity speaks volumes.