Type of lace
Silk Crepe de Chine #1
Silk Crepe de Chine - Switzerland (Silk 100%)
SKU: 00071755
220 US$
100% silk fabric with a floral and star design. The fabric colors – dark blue, red, purple, yellow, lilac, turquoise, light blue, off-white, dark green, ink blue.
Silk Crepe de Chine #1
Silk Crepe de Chine - Switzerland (Silk 100%)
SKU: 00071752
220 US$
100% silk fabric with an abstract design. The fabric colors – pale olive, black, blue, green, brown, terracotta red.
Embroidered Sequined Tulle #1
Embroidered Sequined Tulle - Italy (Polyester 39% Viscose 35% Polyamide 26%)
SKU: 00070110
816 US$
This stunning black tulle fabric features a mix of floral and ornamental patterns. It captivates with its satin stitch embroidery made with beige, nude and metallic silver threads.
Fil Coupe Organza #1
Fil Coupe Organza - Italy (Silk 56% Polyester 31% Polyamide 13%)
SKU: 00070073
297 US$
Italian organza with a floral pattern produced by the weaving technique known as ‘fil coupe’. Colors – pink, beige, and black.
Tweed Boucle #1
Tweed Boucle - Italy (Polyamide 83% Polyester 10% Cotton 7%)
SKU: 00069476
287 US$
This luxurious tweed boucle fabric boasts a loose weave. It is woven all over with black, beige, golden and white threads and ribbons.
Embroidered Ombre Organza #1
Embroidered Ombre Organza - Switzerland (Polyester 100%)
SKU: 00069162
889 US$
This haute couture organza fabric is crafted in Switzerland. Shimmering all over, it is designed with a delicate ombre effect: look how these gentle tints flow into each other, from pale peach to dark terracotta.
Silk Crepe de Chine #1
Silk Crepe de Chine - Switzerland (Silk 100%)
SKU: 00069148
220 US$
This silk crepe de chine is a lightweight fabric with a slightly pebbly hand and matt sheen. Thin and fluid, it is everybody’s favourite when it comes to summer dresses, blouses, tunics and more.
Thistle Applique Embroidered Tulle #1
Thistle Applique Embroidered Tulle - Italy (Viscose 63% Polyamide 29% Polyester 8%)
SKU: 00068440
791 US$
This luxury fabric is created by the brilliant Italian team of experts who know all about style and haute couture. The nude tulle ground is decorated with sprawling thistle embroidery made with tone-on-tone threads.
Double Faced Wool Flannel
Double Faced Wool Flannel - Italy (Wool 100%)
SKU: 00067940
187 US$
This double faced wool flannel fabric features an elegant design. It consists of two layers – one is a check pattern in beige-brown shades, the other is a solid heather grey color.
Metallic Silk Lame #1
Metallic Silk Lame - Switzerland (Silk 86% Metallic Fibers 14%)
SKU: 00067643
260 US$
This metallic silk lamé fabric is a know-how created by legendary Swiss manufacturer Jakob Schlaepfer. Smooth and lustrous, it features an abstract print in shades of beige, orange, green and black, while golden and silver metallic yarn forms a subtle python pattern all over the surface.
Silk Crepe de Chine #1
Silk Crepe de Chine - Switzerland (Silk 100%)
SKU: 00067633
220 US$
This silk crepe de chine fabric gives so many topics for discussion. It features lots of tiny details, from all sorts of flowers and butterflies to berries, keys, clocks and sea stars – a burst of colors against the dark blue ground.
Corded Lace #1
Corded Lace - France (Polyamide 43% Viscose 27% Tactel 15%)
SKU: 00067171
242 US$
This corded lace fabric boasts a golden floral pattern set against the aubergine background. The sheer background is covered by a point d'esprit pattern and floral wreaths outlined in golden thread.
Haute Couture Guipure Lace #1
Haute Couture Guipure Lace - Switzerland (Cotton 53% Polyester 47%)
SKU: 00065671
742 US$
This haute couture lace is a splendid cloth produced on high-tech equipment in Switzerland. It is made mostly of cotton and is as soft as you expect it to be.
Embroidered Beaded Tulle #1
Embroidered Beaded Tulle - India (Nylon 100%)
SKU: 00063403
1,172 US$
This light beige tulle is embroidered all over with golden metallic threads in a glimmering leaf pattern. Topped off with a scattering of glass beads and tube bugles, these leaves sit side by side with flower-shaped appliques, each one made of layered tulle.
Floral Applique Embroidered Tulle #1
Floral Applique Embroidered Tulle - Switzerland (Polyester 42% Polyamide 30% Metallic Fibers 18%)
SKU: 00063259
2,204 US$
This burgundy tulle fabric is a masterpiece by Jakob Schlaepfer, the most innovative Swiss fabric manufacturer. It is strewn with red appliqued flowers sitting on golden spreading branches.
Sequined Chiffon #1
Sequined Chiffon - Switzerland (Polyester Fiber 74% Polyester 20% Polyamide 6%)
SKU: 00063251
772 US$
This sequined chiffon is a masterpiece by Jakob Schlaepfer, the most innovative Swiss fabric manufacturer. The dark chiffon ground boasts a lush floral print in pinks, yellows and purples.
Embroidered Tulle #1
Embroidered Tulle - Switzerland (Viscose 42% Cotton 30% Polyamide 11%)
SKU: 00062095
1,151 US$
This delicate fabric is designed by one of the most prominent Swiss manufacturers. It consists of fine grey tulle decorated with organza appliques, each one embroidered with satin stitch flowers in pastel lilac, beige and white.
Embroidered Chiffon #1
Embroidered Chiffon - Switzerland (Polyester 86% Silk 14%)
SKU: 00061902
990 US$
This remarkable silk chiffon is designed by Swiss manufacturer Jakob Schlaepfer, one of the most renowned pacesetters in the textile industry. Its fantasy fabric consists of sheer ivory chiffon decorated with satin stitch floral embroidery in orange, lilac, pale green and ivory.
Silk Crepe de Chine #1
Silk Crepe de Chine - Switzerland (Silk 100%)
SKU: 00061253
220 US$
This colorful silk crepe de chine features an artistic floral print in a variety of burgundy, maroon and periwinkle shades and creamy tones. It displays large flowers against a beige background.
Tweed Boucle #1
Tweed Boucle - France (Polyacrylic 46.5% Viscose 19.5% Polyamide 18.9%)
SKU: 00060753
234 US$
This vibrant tweed boucle is a blend of fancy yarn in ivory, black and golden. Metallic threads woven intricately throughout the fabric lend it a subtle glimmer.
Exclusive Double Faced Cashmere #1
Exclusive Double Faced Cashmere - Italy (Cashmere 100%)
SKU: 00059933
898 US$
This luxury fabric is made of pure cashmere, renowned for its extreme softness. Though lightweight, cashmere is several times warmer than high quality sheep's wool.
Taffeta Lame #1
Taffeta Lame - Switzerland (Metallic Fibers 41% Silk 36% Polyester 23%)
SKU: 00059212
521 US$
This fancy taffeta fabric features a botanical pattern in shades of orange and red. Metallic fibers running parallel to each other lend a subtle stripe effect.
Silk Crepe de Chine #1
Silk Crepe de Chine - Switzerland (Silk 100%)
SKU: 00058242
220 US$
This lightweight silk crepe de chine features an offbeat blend of checked and striped patterns. It displays rectangles in muted greens, greys and purples fading to black.
Sequined Tweed Boucle #1
Sequined Tweed Boucle - Switzerland (Wool 48% Polyester 47% Polyamide 4%)
SKU: 00058191
3,503 US$
This designer tweed boucle fabric is woven from wool threads in golden brown, white, black and burgundy. Soft and textured, it is embellished with a sea of tiny sparkling sequins which, together with metallic threads, lend a luxurious sheen to the surface.
Floral Applique Embroidered Tulle #1
Floral Applique Embroidered Tulle - Switzerland (Polyester 66% Viscose 18% Other Fibers 12%)
SKU: 00055285
1,878 US$
This original fabric consists of sheer beige tulle, decorated with an array of floral appliques in various shapes and sizes. These appliques have been laser cut from the jacquard fabric, featuring a tender floral pattern on a light beige background.
Silk Chiffon  #1
Silk Chiffon - Switzerland (Silk 100%)
SKU: 00050224
190 US$
This lightweight chiffon fabric is a masterpiece by the Swiss prodigy manufacturer Jakob Schlaepfer. It boasts a dreamy abstract pattern in purple, green, blue, orange.
Double Faced Silk Satin #1
Double Faced Silk Satin - Switzerland (Silk 100%)
SKU: 00044497
303 US$
This double-faced silk satin features a golden color. Smooth and lustrous on both sides, it has a heavier weight which makes it ideal for dresses and gowns to be worn without lining.
Rhinestone Embroidered Wool #1
Rhinestone Embroidered Wool - Switzerland (Worsted Wool 100%)
SKU: 00037310
766 US$
This dark green suiting fabric is made of 100% wool. Fine and tender, it has an overpowering soft finish typical of wool flannel and feels heavenly to the touch.