Bridal Lace

Bridal lace fabric is the type of lace cloth that is full of tenderness, delicacy and solemnity. It has no vulgarity while offering a feminine touch to any wedding dress. It can be overlaid on another bridal fabric to produce no less impressive effect. Lace is widely regarded as timeless fabric for wedding attires, and it surely is — in 2018, lots of types are expected to be hot trends.

Bridal lace is all about creating a romantic look, full of airiness, sensuality and mystery. Wearing it with graceful ease, one feels as light as a gentle breeze. The physical features of this lace vary from one type to another.

Lace Wedding Dresses

Lace wedding dress is widely considered to be the classical bridal attire, and it pretty much is. At the same time, the concept of a bridal lace dress is not binded to one particular lace type, as there are lots of them, each bringing a particular effect to the gown. Which is even more important, today, it has become more convenient than ever to select and buy online the bridal fabrics you fancy most, either from the comfort of your own home, or via your mobile device. See the most common types of lace for a bridal gown below.

Bridal Lace

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Chantilly Lace #1
Chantilly Lace
SKU: 00063902
154 US$
This ivory Chantilly lace fabric features a floral pattern, finished with eyelash scallops on both sides. Due to its composition, it is durable and keeps its original shape for a long time.
Corded Lace #1
Corded Lace
SKU: 00063892
148 US$
This corded lace fabric features an exquisite floral design. It is soft and pleasant to the touch as it contains a fair amount of cotton.
Lyon Lace #1
Lyon Lace
SKU: 00056271
320 US$
This ivory Lyon lace is a true masterpiece produced on one of the three looms remained from the 19 th century. The lightweight point d’esprit cotton netting features a large floral pattern, overlaid with soutache cord.

Lace Designs

Across the widest range of fabrics, lace has always been distinguished by the impression of airiness, womanliness and charming delicacy. In many respects, such an effect is explained by a floral pattern in the lace weave, as a flower is always perceived by many as the essence of delicacy imbued with a certain poetic touch. At the same time, the visual splendour of lace can be also created by other impressive motifs, such as botanical, stripes, geometric, paisley, waves, sequin and even checks.

Created by the true artisans of such iconic lace manufacturers as Sophie Hallette, Riechers Marescot, Solstiss, HOH and Marco Lagatolla, the lace designs at Tissura always meet the current bridal fashion trends, and are always selected to charm, amaze and inspire.

Embroidered Lace

Embroidered lace fabrics are designed to emphasize the significance and grandeur of a wedding. Represented by HOH, Riechers Marescot and Marco Lagatolla, decorated with sequins, silver bugles, beads and faux pearls, they are created to bring a touch of glimmer to your bridal dress, turning it into one of the most exciting attributes of your big day.

Tissura cooperates with only trustworthy suppliers, renowned for the reference quality of their fabrics. Nevertheless, Tissura thoroughly checks every single metre of all the fabrics it purchases to guarantee you an impeccably woven lace selection for your dreamy wedding dress.