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Jacquard Fabric 348

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Jacquard fabric is famous for its woven raised pattern. Compared with printed designs, jacquard pattern is much more wearable and saves its lustre for a longer period. It comes in various styles and colors, offering a true freedom of choice for any fashion idea, be it dresses, linings, blouses, decorative pieces or trimmings.

All natural, yet different fibres can influence a range of jacquard properties. Most generally, this fabric is loved for comfort, resistance to fraying and perfect wearability.

Jacquard Fabric Types

Jacquard is a weave type, that’s why the list of fabrics that can be called ‘jacquard’ is versatile: boucle, cloque, brocade, organza, double faced jacquard, double faced jacquard cloque, metallic jacquard, wool and silk brocade, stretch cotton piquet, and matelasse.

Jacquard Collection at Tissura

Tissura cooperates with reliable world-renowned partners supplying us with exclusive high quality fabrics. The following names speak volumes to any fashionista: Carnet (Italy), Ruffo Coli (Italy), Taroni (Italy), Frontline (Austria), Clarenson (France), Malhia Kent (France), and Jakob Schlaepfer (Switzerland).

Tissura is the right place to buy a perfect jacquard fabric for each type of clothing due to a number of reasons:

Firstly, it's about our trustworthy suppliers. Secondly, each single metre of all the fabrics we buy is thoroughly checked by our skilled team to guarantee you proper weave quality and stylish design. And thirdly, all our collections are regular — whenever you visit our website, you can purchase the textiles of the latest and even future fashion seasons.

Jacquard #1
Jacquard Fabric
SKU: 00060165
US$ 118
This jacquard fabric features a golden floral pattern on an ivory background. Boasting quite an interesting texture obtained through the jacquard weave, it has a pleasantly soft finish and feels amazing on the body.
Stretch Cotton Pique #1
Stretch Cotton Pique
SKU: 00063169
US$ 66
This stretch cotton pique features an all-over diamond pattern which makes it slightly textured to the touch. It also comes with a beautiful print of off-white anemones carried away across the beige background.
Metallic Jacquard #1
Metallic Jacquard
SKU: 00062352
US$ 66
This cotton and linen blend jacquard calls for a change in your wardrobe. Woven with golden metallic threads, it is textured and shimmering, with a hint of stiffness balanced out by the soft finish.
Jacquard  #1
SKU: 00061722
US$ 111
This beige jacquard designed in Italy comes in an all-over floral and leaf pattern in red, grey and blue shades. Metallic threads lend a golden sheen to the surface, bringing nobility to any look it will be made into.
Double Faced Jacquard Cloque #1
Double Faced Jacquard Cloque
SKU: 00061669
US$ 224
This double-faced jacquard cloque in golden and grey features a raised geometrical pattern. The puckered effect is created by weaving together yarns under different tension.
Wool & Silk Brocade #1
Wool & Silk Brocade
SKU: 00061660
US$ 242
This double-sided wool & silk brocade comes with two completely different colors. While one side is denim blue, the other glimmers with golden metallic threads.