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Jacquard fabric is famous for its woven raised pattern. Compared with printed designs, jacquard pattern is much more wearable and saves its lustre for a longer period. It comes in various styles and colors, offering a true freedom of choice for any fashion idea. Jacquard may also include different components: silk, cotton and wool, etc.

All natural, yet different fibres can influence a range of jacquard properties. Most generally, this fabric is loved for comfort, resistance to fraying and perfect wearability.

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Jacquard Types

Jacquard is a weave type, that’s why the list of fabrics that can be called ‘jacquard’ is versatile: boucle, cloque, brocade, organza, double faced jacquard, double faced jacquard cloque, metallic jacquard, wool and silk brocade, stretch cotton piquet, matelasse.


The most exquisite jacquard fabrics are produced by Italian, Swiss, French and Austrian brands. Tissura cooperates with reliable world-renowned partners supplying us with exclusive high quality fabrics. The following names say a lot to any fashionista:

  • Carnet (Italy),
  • Ruffo Coli (Italy),
  • Frontline (Austria),
  • Malhia Kent (France),
  • Jakob Schlaepfer (Switzerland),
  • Clarenson (France), and
  • Taroni (Italy).

Jacquard Collection

Jacquard fabric is a popular luxurious option for a wide range of outfits, such as dresses, linings, blouses, decorative pieces and trimmings. Tissura is the right place to buy a perfect jacquard fabric for each type of clothing due to a number of reasons.

As was stated above, the collection of jacquard at Tissura comes from the partners you can trust. Moreover, each single metre of all the fabrics we buy is thoroughly checked by our skilled team to guarantee you proper weave quality and stylish design. Our company is famous for offering regular collections of jacquard — whenever you visit our website, you can purchase the fabrics of the latest and even future fashion seasons.

Tissura is an international company that offers haute couture fabrics to any person in any country in the world. It doesn’t matter where you live, just place your order, sit back and get ready to start your sewing in a few days!