Lace Fabrics

Lace is a delicate fabric featuring an open weblike pattern. Elegant and feminine, it is mainly known as the fabric for wedding and evening dresses. Italian and French laces are also widely applied for dress finishing — Chantilly, guipure or embroidered lace trims can turn your outfit into a true masterpiece of haute couture!

This fabric type is generally all about a complex floral pattern. It is very fine and airy, which lets you combine lace with any lining and not bother about the weight of your dress. Moreover, lace doesn’t require any special processing of edges, which makes your sewing much easier.

Lace Fabrics

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7 Most Luxury Lace Types in Fashion 2018

At Tissura, we are constantly aware of the latest fashion trends. In our assortment, you can always find laces of current and next fashion seasons. Here are the 7 trendiest lace fabric types from our catalogue:

  1. Chantilly lace,
  2. Guipure lace,
  3. Lyon lace,
  4. Corded lace,
  5. Embroidered lace,
  6. Cotton lace,
  7. Silk lace.

Lace Fabric Manufacturers

Tissura cooperates with iconic Italian, French, Austrian, Swiss and Japanese lace manufacturers, which fabrics are the combination of supreme quality and feminine charm. These brands are:

  • Sophie Hallette,
  • Riechers Maresot,
  • HOH,
  • Marco Lagatolla,
  • Forster Rohner,
  • Jakob Schlaepfer,
  • Kawaii Lace.

Tissura French Lace Collection

Lace fabrics are the special matter of our pride. Our collection of French lace offers you a true freedom of choice. It includes the widest range of types, designs and colours, for any event you can imagine! What makes purchasing laces at Tissura more attractive is our company’s approach to quality. We partner only with trusted lace manufacturers, and our specialists check every single metre of all the laces we buy to spot any possible flaws in weaving or dyeing. This fact makes our fabrics of utmost quality.

French laces at Tissura are also about unique design. As was mentioned earlier, we are constantly keeping our fingers on the pulse of current fashion trends. However, for those of you who strive for uniqueness, we have a range of lace fabric designs developed by our team and produced on the high-tech facilities of our European partners.

Tissura operates all around the globe. In our move to bring the world of high fashion to any person in the world, we erase boundaries and send fabrics to wherever you are from. Select the lace fabrics you fancy most, place your order and expect a delivery courier at your door soon!