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Brocade fabric is a compound artistic and decorative fabric with a silk ground containing metallic threads with gold, silver or materials that imitate them. Originating from China, it initially contained the fibres woven out of genuine metal, however, these days, it features either silk/cotton threads entwined by a metallic braid or viscose and lurex.

Despite the amount of gold in today’s brocade is significantly reduced, it is still regarded as a grand option for an evening of bridal dress, carnival or theatrical costume due to its sheen.


Brocade has come a long way through many epochs and cultures, which influenced its multiplicity greatly. Today, there are basically four types of this legendary cloth:

  1. A traditional silk brocade featuring metallic thread embroidery. Here are the secrets of its popularity:

    • It keeps the shape;
    • It doesn't wrinkle;
    • It drapes perfectly;
    • It offers a cooling effect.
  2. Cotton or wool brocade with metallic threads. This fabric is particularly renowned for its warm hygienic and thermal insulation properies;

  3. Viscose fabric with lurex that perfectly imitates metallic threads. It has a soft sheen due to viscose, doesn't wrinkle and keeps the shape;

  4. Elastic brocade with lurex, the first choice option for a luxury bodycon evening dress.

Tissura Collection

As a home of the most exquisite fabrics, Tissura has always been proud of its brocade collection. Coming from such leading European brands as Carnet, Ruffo Coli and Luigi Verga (Italy), Jakob Schlaepfer (Switzerland), and France (Sfate & Combier), our brocade range comprises some of the most impressive fabrics of the kind: metallic jacquard, jacquard cloque, metallic organza, silk lame, and tweed lame.

Historically, brocade has been widely associated with the sort of fabric favoured by the nobility. So, just as 800 years ago, brocade fabric dress for special occasions is surely one of the most impressive outfits you can go for with it.

When browsing our collection, keep in mind that a brocade cloth looks most stunning when combined with other fabrics, especially velvet and silk.

Tweed Lame #1
Tweed Lame
SKU: 00065577
US$ 104
This gorgeous tweed lame produced in France is a medium-weight fabric with a stiff hand. Fine, yet opaque, it is woven with golden metallic threads for a fantastic sheen.
Double Faced Jacquard Cloque #1
Double Faced Jacquard Cloque
SKU: 00061669
US$ 218
This double-faced jacquard cloque in golden and grey features a raised geometrical pattern. The puckered effect is created by weaving together yarns under different tension.
Metallic Brocade #1
Metallic Brocade
SKU: 00061870
US$ 98
This golden brocade features a diagonal weave design. Thick and durable, it resembles denim with its sturdy structure, with metallic threads giving it a mesmerizing glow.
Wool & Silk Brocade #1
Wool & Silk Brocade
SKU: 00061660
US$ 235
This double-sided wool & silk brocade comes with two completely different colors. While one side is denim blue, the other glimmers with golden metallic threads.
Tweed Lame #1
Tweed Lame
SKU: 00065578
US$ 104
This gorgeous tweed lame produced in France is a medium-weight fabric with a stiff hand. Fine, yet opaque, it is woven with golden metallic threads for a fantastic sheen.
Jacquard Cloque #1
Jacquard Cloque
SKU: 00063932
US$ 164
This deep blue jacquard boasts two floral patterns: a jacquard one and a raised cloque pattern in golden, green and burgundy. They interweave to create a voluminous fabric for festive dresses, skirts and even lighter coats.
Silver Lame Organza #1
Silver Lame Organza
SKU: 00062343
US$ 228
This silver lame organza is designed by Ruffo Coli, a time-honored Italian manufacturer of top-end fabrics. It is woven with metallic threads that give it an unbeatable silvery sheen and ensure superior shape retention.
Jacquard #1
Jacquard Fabric
SKU: 00060165
US$ 114
This jacquard fabric features a golden floral pattern on an ivory background. Boasting quite an interesting texture obtained through the jacquard weave, it has a pleasantly soft finish and feels amazing on the body.
Metallic Jacquard #1
Metallic Jacquard
SKU: 00062352
US$ 64
This cotton and linen blend jacquard calls for a change in your wardrobe. Woven with golden metallic threads, it is textured and shimmering, with a hint of stiffness balanced out by the soft finish.
Jacquard #1
Jacquard Fabric
SKU: 00061811
US$ 62
This beige jacquard fabric is like a sky full of grey and silver stars. Metallic threads are blended into the weave for irresistible sheen.
Jacquard  #1
SKU: 00061722
US$ 107
This beige jacquard designed in Italy comes in an all-over floral and leaf pattern in red, grey and blue shades. Metallic threads lend a golden sheen to the surface, bringing nobility to any look it will be made into.
Jacquard Brocade #1
Jacquard Brocade
SKU: 00058595
US$ 122
This brocade fabric in turquoise and silver has a jacquard design. Festive and smart, it boasts quite an interesting texture with a somewhat dry finish.
Jacquard Brocade #1
Jacquard Brocade
SKU: 00058593
US$ 122
This brocade fabric in ivory and golden has a floral jacquard design. Festive and smart, it boasts quite an interesting texture with a somewhat dry finish.
Jacquard Brocade #1
Jacquard Brocade
SKU: 00058592
US$ 122
This brocade fabric in turquoise and silver has a floral jacquard design. Festive and smart, it boasts quite an interesting texture with a somewhat dry finish.
Jacquard Brocade #1
Jacquard Brocade
SKU: 00058591
US$ 122
This brocade fabric in dull pink and silver has a floral jacquard design. Festive and smart, it boasts quite an interesting texture with a somewhat dry finish.

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Worsted Wool #1
Worsted Wool
SKU: 00053269
US$ 134
This blue worsted wool fabric has a soft, yet a slightly textured feel and a natural stretch. It drapes well which makes it a perfect material even for unstructured garments.
Beaded Patch #1
Beaded Patch
SKU: 00065932
US$ 19.70
This unique patch features a spectacularly funny fly on a piece of sheer black organza. Its wings, body, antennae and tarsi are made of black and silver beads, and the head is a large faceted bead.
Silk Chantilly Lace Trim #1
Silk Chantilly Lace Trim
SKU: 00054527
US$ 27
This eyelash lace trim in ivory features a delicate floral ornament above a scallop motif. Sheer and airy, it is woven from pure silk threads and has a smooth feel.
Wool & Silk Jacquard #1
Wool & Silk Jacquard
SKU: 00065038
US$ 154
This green wool and silk jacquard fabric is a definite must-have for your fall/winter wardrobe. It is designed with a smart houndstooth pattern that gives it extra shine, and it is overprinted with flowers and paisley motifs in black and off-white.
Silk Georgette #1
Silk Georgette
SKU: 00056143
US$ 85
This luxury silk georgette fabric is delivered straight from Italy. Designed with a lush floral print against the light blue background, it is slightly grainy to the touch and has a billowing drape.
Chantilly Lace #1
Chantilly Lace
SKU: 00061563
US$ 310
This Chantilly lace fabric is a remarkable piece of art by Solstiss, one of the most renowned French lace manufacturers of our days. Solstiss used a special dye technique known as ‘sfumato’ to give it a shaded effect and produce a soft transition between beige, grey and golden tones.
Silk Satin #1
Silk Satin
SKU: 00065862
US$ 76
This silk fabric features a golden beige color. Smooth and lustrous, it gives a gorgeous drape and tends to flow well, hugging the body.
Worsted Wool #1
Worsted Wool
SKU: 00065475
US$ 117
This worsted flannel fabric features a dark grey color. One of Dormeuil’s timeless treasures, it has an exclusive quarter milled finish and is delightfully soft to the touch.
Silk Crepe #1
Silk Crepe
SKU: 00059928
US$ 134
This silk crepe features a dark turquoise color. Noted for a delicate sheen and a nice crisp texture, it has an excellent drape and easily holds its shape.
Sequined Embroidered Organza #1
Sequined Embroidered Organza
SKU: 00050957
US$ 854
This embroidered organza fabric is a courtesy of Jakob Schlaepfer, the Swiss manufacturer known for its experiments with textures. The sheer white ground is decorated with exquisite floral embroidery.
Jacquard Organza #1
Jacquard Organza
SKU: 00067407
US$ 96
This floral jacquard fabric is delivered straight from Italy, the land of quality and style. It features a merry flower pattern made using the intricate fil coupe technique.
Sequin & Bead Embroidered Tulle #1
Sequin & Bead Embroidered Tulle
SKU: 00068847
US$ 742
This vibrant tulle is embroidered with an infinite number of golden sequins and glass beads. They are sewn onto a sheer golden tulle in a zigzag order.
Beaded Patch #1
Beaded Patch
SKU: 00069220
US$ 40
This beaded patch features a goldfish design made with metallic threads and tube bugles. The body of the fish is adorned with light golden glass beads.
Silk Organza #1
Silk Organza
SKU: 00070973
US$ 178
100% silk fabric. Design – gorgeous rose print on a black background.
Satin Chiffon #1
Satin Chiffon
SKU: 00050173
US$ 52
This lightweight silk chiffon fabric features a soft blue color. It has a delicate, sheer texture.
Jacquard Cloque #1
Jacquard Cloque
SKU: 00061738
US$ 126
This jacquard cloque is created by weaving together yarns under different tension. The black background is strewn with flower bouquets in lilac, violet and moss green.
Chantilly Lace #1
Chantilly Lace
SKU: 00059695
US$ 118
This white Chantilly lace fabric comes in an opulent rose pattern. Edged with scallops on both sides, it has a sheer texture and is most suitable for decoration and bridal projects.
Cashmere #1
Cashmere Fabric
SKU: 00067194
US$ 355
This 100% cashmere coating fabric boasts a brown color. Due to its delicate texture and unique properties, it is often called ‘Soft Gold’ or ‘Diamond Fiber’.
Rhinestone Patch #1
Rhinestone Patch
SKU: 00045431
US$ 141 US$ 99
This magnificent white patch is embellished with silvery rhinestones and metallic beads, hand-sewn onto the stiff ground. Shiny and stylish, it resembles a whimsical flower or an exotic starfish.
Silk Crepe de Chine #1
Silk Crepe de Chine
SKU: 00068178
US$ 93
This dark violet silk crepe de chine fabric boasts a cheerful floral print in pink, white, lilac and turquoise. With a soft hand and a subtle sheen, it is perfect for spring/summer garments.
Ombre Silk Taffeta #1
Ombre Silk Taffeta
SKU: 00046355
US$ 175
This Italian silk taffeta fabric is designed with a gentle ombre effect, with colors flowing from light blue to beige. Renowned for its crisp texture, delicate sheen and signature rustle, it is a lovely choice for evening wear, be it dresses, gowns or skirts.
Velvet #1
Velvet Fabric
SKU: 00043055
US$ 74
This khaki green velvet cloth boasts an abstract print in blue, beige and brown. Made in Italy, our cotton velvet fabric is soft, smooth and breathable.
Mother of Pearl Buttons #1
Mother of Pearl Buttons
SKU: 00068694
US$ 7
This mother of pearl button has a four-hole design. Crafted in a khaki color, it features a coat of arms design and has a glossy finish.
Guipure Lace #1
Guipure Lace
SKU: 00068268
US$ 865
This Swiss guipure lace fabric features a whimsical floral design. Mostly made of cotton, it has a very delicate hand and a soft texture.
Stretch Cashmere #1
Stretch Cashmere
SKU: 00039182
US$ 402
This premium cashmere fabric features a white color. Often called “soft gold” or “diamond fiber”, it has a luxurious drape and a super soft finish.
Cameo Buttons #1
Cameo Buttons
SKU: 00043208
US$ 7.30
This cameo shank button features a carved rose design in a variety of grey tones and is encrusted with black rhinestones. It is also available in a larger size: 43205 (black background).
Lyon Lace Trim #1
Lyon Lace Trim
SKU: 00064536
US$ 131
This white Lyon lace trim is a true masterpiece produced on one of the three looms still remained from the 19 th century. The lightweight cotton netting features a bouquet motif, overlaid with matching soutache cord.
Sequined & Beaded Chantilly Lace #1
Sequined & Beaded Chantilly Lace
SKU: 00062144
US$ 1,160
This Chantilly lace fabric in peach pink is richly embroidered with tone-on-tone sequins and beads. Carefully crafted by Ruffo Coli, a top Italian manufacturer, it breathes exquisite style and unsurpassed splendor.
Embroidered Cotton #1
Embroidered Cotton
SKU: 00071798
US$ 89
Pure cotton fabric in a navy color with eyelet embroidery. Pattern – geometric, stripes, outlined with tone-on-tone thread, with scalloped edges.
Sequined Wool Knit #1
Sequined Wool Knit
SKU: 00047528
US$ 798
This wool blend knit in light grey is a perfect weight for warm coats and sweaters. With its moderately loose weave and fuzzy feel it calls for being sewn into something soft, warm and oversized.
Silk Chiffon #1
Silk Chiffon
SKU: 00063205
US$ 73
This geometrical chiffon fabric made of pure silk boasts a white futuristic cubical print. The background is covered by etherial roses in lilac, purple, lime and pink.
Plastic Buttons #1
Plastic Buttons
SKU: 00045577
US$ 4.50
This ball shank button in mint green boasts a carved king’s crown design. It is made of galalith, produced from natural casein.
Velvet #1
Velvet Fabric
SKU: 00042022
US$ 322
This velvet boasts a kaleidoscopic feather pattern in green and brown hues. A lustrous blend of viscose and silk, this fabric has a compelling soft feel and a breathable structure.
Silk Crepe de Chine #1
Silk Crepe de Chine
SKU: 00067507
US$ 93
This silk crepe de chine fabric features autumn leaves floating against the black background with brown polka dots. Noted for a delicate sheen and a nice crisp texture, it has an excellent drape and easily holds its shape.
Flocked Tulle #1
Flocked Tulle
SKU: 00069056
US$ 39
This Italian tulle fabric in nude has tone-on-tone flocking all over it, which feels velvety to the touch. Sheer and stiff, it has some stretch in the weft.
Linen & Cotton Sateen #1
Linen & Cotton Sateen
SKU: 00068575
US$ 64
This Italian sateen fabric features a rich blue violet color. An all-natural blend of linen and cotton, it is a perfectly breathable material with no transparency that is just ideal for a summer season.
Silk Chiffon  #1
Silk Chiffon
SKU: 00058217
US$ 172
This lightweight silk chiffon features an artistic floral print of small orange and ivory roses. It displays pale blue ornaments and flowers against a dark background.
Silk Georgette #1
Silk Georgette
SKU: 00053569
US$ 82
This semi-sheer silk georgette features a romantic mix of black polka dots and bows on a white background. Airy and breathable, it has a slightly grainy texture.
Silk Chiffon  #1
Silk Chiffon
SKU: 00063198
US$ 73
This powder pink silk chiffon fabric is a perfect companion for warm sunny days. Designed with a floral bouquet print in red, yellow, lilac and green tones, it captivates with its sheerness and a billowing drape.
Sequined Tulle #1
Sequined Tulle
SKU: 00063421
US$ 592
This white tulle fabric is decorated with myriads of round and square sequins and small flat paillettes. They are applied in a dense pattern and make it completely opaque.
Rhinestone & Metal Buttons  #1
Rhinestone & Metal Buttons
SKU: 00069008
US$ 59
This metal shank button has a four-leaf design and is encrusted with Light Rose crystals. The heart is a round metal detail, which looks like the Maria Theresa thaler.
Horn Buttons #1
Horn Buttons
SKU: 00061338
US$ 15.40
This Italian round button with a raised surface is made of natural horn. It boasts a mixture of brown, yellow, grey and ivory colors.
Corded Lace  #1
Corded Lace
SKU: 00067138
US$ 106
This navy blue lace boasts a floral pattern, carefully outlined with tone-on-tone cord. Mostly made of cotton, it has a soft hand and a billowing drape.
Guipure Lace #1
Guipure Lace
SKU: 00061571
US$ 310
This delicate guipure lace fabric comes with a riveting floral pattern. Woven in cotton in black and brown, it has an exceptionally soft hand and an airy feel about it.
Silk Crepe de Chine #1
Silk Crepe de Chine
SKU: 00060502
US$ 129
This patterned silk crepe de chine features a houndstooth pattern that gives way to a fanciful ornament with floral and paisley motifs. The color range is dominated by reds, browns and greens.