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Chiffon fabric is an airy, sheer and slightly textured type of silk, famous for flowy drapes and subtle sheen. It is one of timeless trends that turn everyone’s heads. This fabric has a loose and plain weave. It is generally used for creating bridal gowns, evening and prom dresses. Also, this silk type is ideal for a light summer dress.

What makes silk chiffon so adorable? it has a diaphanous structure (the weight is about 17-50 g/m 2), which is great for evening or cocktail dresses with a romantic fleur. This silk type also offers a soft drape, a subtle sheen and a pleasant tactile feel, so amazing for any outfit you fancy creating.

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Types of Chiffon for Your Dress

Though classic silk chiffon is timelessly popular, there are other types, no less amazing:

  • satin chiffon — with a smooth and lustrous satin finish,
  • stretch silk chiffon — contains elastane for a stretch effect,
  • metallic silk chiffon — contains metallic fibres for a noble sheen,
  • silk chiffon degrade — with colors flowing from one to another,
  • silk devore — gone through a chemical etching of viscose fibres to create a special pattern, and
  • fil coupe silk chiffon — featuring small jacquard (or woven-in) patterns that create a distinctive frayed look underneath.

Top Luxury Fabric Manufacturers

The most stylish silk chiffon fabric is produced by the following world-renowned Italian, French and Swiss fabric manufacturers:

  1. Taroni (Italy),
  2. Carnet (Italy),
  3. Belinac (France), and
  4. Jakob Schlaepfer (Switzerland).

Tissura Collection

At Tissura, we have a large assortment of silk chiffon fabric from Europe’s most famous brands. We partner with highly reliable and trustworthy silk manufacturers renowned for their high quality production standards. Moreover, we check every single fabric we buy to be properly woven and dyed.

Our company constantly keeps up with the hottest fashion trends, and that’s why we regularly attend the leading international fabric exhibition Premiere Vision. Another great fact about Tissura is that it is a trend-setter, as we develop our own silk designs and produce them by agreement with our suppliers. The combination of these factors makes our chiffon fabrics your first choice.