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Italian silk fabrics are considered to be one of the best silk fabrics for a reason. Exclusive quality and exquisite design available in a wide range of textures and finishes make them number one choice for evening wear, with a variety of printed and solid silks for casual attire.

Tissura stocks hundreds of silk materials from Italy such as chiffon, crepe, georgette, organza, satin, taffeta, twill, jacquard, ranging from 20 g/m 2 for sheer silks to 260 g/m 2 for matelasse silk fabrics.

Silk Organza #1
Silk Organza
SKU: 00060199
US$ 106
This white silk organza fabric boasts a floral print featuring blooming bougainvillea in a variety of blue and green tones. It has a crisp hand and a voluminous drape.
Satin Chiffon #1
Satin Chiffon
SKU: 00060202
US$ 113
This silk chiffon fabric features a rose twig print in pastel creams, reds, lilacs and greens on a pink background. Made of pure silk, it has a distinct satin effect and is delightfully soft to touch.
Silk Georgette #1
Silk Georgette
SKU: 00062337
US$ 129
This white georgette fabric made of pure silk comes in a large floral print. Matt and durable, it has a slightly grainy texture and a billowing drape.
Silk Chiffon #1
Silk Chiffon
SKU: 00063941
US$ 74
This magnificent Italian silk chiffon boasts an artistic floral print. Pastel background is covered by vague flower outlines in pink and brown shades.
Silk Chiffon #1
Silk Chiffon
SKU: 00063205
US$ 74
This geometrical chiffon fabric made of pure silk boasts a white futuristic cubical print. The background is covered by etherial roses in lilac, purple, lime and pink.
Silk Chiffon  #1
Silk Chiffon
SKU: 00063198
US$ 74
This powder pink silk chiffon fabric is a perfect companion for warm sunny days. Designed with a floral bouquet print in red, yellow, lilac and green tones, it captivates with its sheerness and a billowing drape.