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Tulle Fabric 48


Tulle fabrics are lightweight sheer fabrics suitable for finishing and separate garments. One can use them for sewing underwear and making featherlight overlays. Tulle looks effortlessly chic and airy when combined with silk chiffon, cotton poplin and other lightweight fabrics. But one can also use it for decorative insets and alluring details like sleeves, ruffles and hem. This breathable summerly cloth is perfect for warmer weather garments. Pair tulle fabrics with contrasting ones like leather and silk satin to stay ahead of the fashion curve.

Embroidered Tulle

Embroidered tulle is a diverse fabric that fits every taste and style. Its design varies widely from solid fabric embroidered all over with matching beads to sequined and beaded tulle covered with all-over applique. Top 5 embroidered tulle designs are:

  • floral,
  • botanical,
  • geometric,
  • ornamental,
  • striped.

Embroidered tulle fabrics can feature starry sky embroidered with silver threads or a floral pattern with a stunning 3D effect. Designs are ever-changing but one thing is constant. These fabrics are simply made for special occasion dresses.

Silk Tulle

Silk tulle is a 100% natural fabric. Breathable and skin-friendly, it has a delightfully soft hand. Pure silk tulle is a gorgeous and luxurious cloth used for princess-like layered looks. Stretch silk tulle contains elastane to provide comfortable fit. Our suppliers are Italian, French and Swiss companies that produce high quality fabrics of perfect style, such as:

  • Marco Lagatolla (Italy),
  • Avio Invest (France),
  • Jakob Schlaepfer (Switzerland),
  • Sophie Hallette (France).
Embroidered Tulle #1
Embroidered Tulle
SKU: 00065828
US$ 157
This sheer grey embroidered tulle fabric features satin stitch bows in a powder pink color. Fine and delicate, this lightweight tulle is a designer's dream as it provides infinite possibilities for a creative mind.
Golden Tulle #1
Golden Tulle
SKU: 00061865
US$ 61
This fine gauge tulle is extremely lightweight and luminous. With its mesmerizing golden color and slight stretch, it is an all-the-rage fabric that will have everybody talking if laid over a dress or a skirt.
Tulle #1
Tulle Fabric
SKU: 00041633
US$ 142
This shiny black tulle by the top French manufacturer Sophie Hallette is elegant and understated. Mostly made of top quality cotton, it is highly durable and has a gorgeous lustre.
Cotton Tulle #1
Cotton Tulle
SKU: 00053492
US$ 45
This fine gauge black tulle cloth is woven from pure cotton. It has a slightly coarse feel and is stronger and heavier that traditional tulle.
Tulle #1
Tulle Fabric
SKU: 00047473
US$ 74
This fine gauge black tulle is soft and springy. Lightweight and sheer, it stretches well in all directions and can be used in various design projects, from veils and dresses to diaphanous skirts and adornments.
Point d'Esprit Tulle #1
Point d'Esprit Tulle
SKU: 00044205
US$ 108
This black tulle boasts a lovely point d'esprit pattern. Soft cotton and smooth silk blend together to share their best qualities with our pastel colored fabric.