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Loro Piana is an Italian manufacturer of luxury cashmere and high end wool fabrics. It has received widespread recognition for applying advanced production technologies, which allow this brand to create such sophisticated fabrics as coated, double faced coated, as well as a coated qulted wool. The latter is known as the Storm System, which is the registered trademark of Loro Piana indicating a waterproof and wind resistant, yet breathable fabric.

The brand is also extensively represented with extra-fine and lightweight merino wools, cashmere, baby cashmere and a range of other noble wools that can be used for a men's or women's formal suit.

Suitable For
Wool & Cashmere Coating #1
Wool & Cashmere Coating
SKU: 00059261
US$ 142
This medium weight coat fabric is made of merino wool, combined with premium cashmere. Crafted in a dark moss green color, it has a short velvety pile and a perfectly soft feel.
Stretch Wool #1
Stretch Wool
SKU: 00066903
US$ 96
This stretch wool fabric features a night blue color. A touch of lycra provides some stretch for a perfect fit.
Double Coated Wool #1
Double Coated Wool
SKU: 00069043
US$ 102
This Italian wool blend fabric is a true know-how developed by the creative minds at Loro Piana. It consists of two layers, dark brown and off-white, with an extremely light membrane applied to the back of the fabric to keep you safe in the wind.
Wool Coating Fabric #1
Wool Coating Fabric
SKU: 00066901
US$ 140
This Italian wool coating fabric with a herringbone pattern features a coal black color. Warm and comfy, it has an ultra soft feel compared to that of the highest quality flannel one can think of.
Worsted Wool #1
Worsted Wool
SKU: 00066953
US$ 127
This exclusive ivory suiting fabric is made of worsted wool. The production technology of such wool provides exceptional qualities: since all short fibers are removed after combing, the remaining long-staple wool is lightweight, warm and wind-resistant.
Coated Wool #1
Coated Wool
SKU: 00069044
US$ 75
This waterproof fabric in dark blue is a true Italian know-how. The creative minds at Loro Piana have developed a special technology that ensures protection against rain, dust and dirt.