Sophie Hallette

Sophie Hallette

Sophie Hallette is a century-old manufacturer of lace and tulle based in France. It combines the past and the present by uniting long-standing traditions with modern fashion trends.

This French factory produces exquisite Chantilly lace, corded and wedding lace, metallic lace, embroidered tulle and delicate lace trims. Many designs are finished by hand with beads, sequins, crystals, feathers, etc. Sophie Hallette fabrics are pure luxury and style, ideal for gowns and dresses and overlays.

Type of lace
  • Beige
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Burgundy
  • Coral
  • Golden
  • Green
  • Grey
  • Ivory/Ecru/Off-White
  • Lilac
  • Multicolor
  • Navy/Dark Blue
  • Nude
  • Olive/Khaki
  • Orange
  • Peach
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Silver
  • Slate Blue
  • Turquoise/Aqua
  • White
  • White/Black
  • Yellow
Corded Lace #1
Corded Lace - France (Cotton 70% Polyamide 30%)
SKU: 00036639
565 US$
This white Chantilly lace fabric features a floral pattern of blooming roses outlined with matching soutache cord. The lower edge is strewn with larger roses followed by ornamental scallops.
Chantilly Lace #1
Chantilly Lace - France (Polyamide 65% Viscose 35%)
SKU: 00035483
92 US$
This lightweight Chantilly lace fabric in turquoise boasts an all-over floral pattern and is edged with festive scallops on both sides. Due to its content which comprises a balanced blend of premium fibers, the lace is quite durable and keeps its original appearance and color for a long time.
Embroidered Pleated Tulle #1
Embroidered Pleated Tulle - France (Rayon 80% Silk 20%)
SKU: 00029907
969 US$
194 US$
This sheer pleated tulle fabric in ecru has an intriguing and sophisticated design. One of the edges is finished with soutache flowers, overlaid with a net of sparkling beads.
Chantilly Lace #1
Chantilly Lace - France (Polyamide 65% Rayon 25% Cotton 10%)
SKU: 00025116
205 US$
143 US$
This white Chantilly lace boasts a fanciful floral pattern, outlined with matching thread. Tender flowers and leaves create subtle waves on the delicate ground.
Assorted Chantilly Lace #1
Assorted Chantilly Lace - France (Polyamide 100%)
SKU: 00023354
237 US$
166 US$
This sheer Chantilly lace boasts an all-over floral pattern arranged in a fanciful wave design. Combined with a point d’esprit motif, the hallmark of Chantilly lace, it becomes the go-to choice for romantic ladies looking for sophistication.
Embroidered Lace Trim #1
Embroidered Lace Trim - France
SKU: 00023351
377 US$
This sheer lace trim in ivory is decorated with strips of Chantilly lace curled into rosebuds and leaves and attached neatly by hand to the ground. The trim is also embellished with a scattering of glass beads, creating the illusion of a classic point d’esprit pattern.