Chantilly Lace

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Composition:  90% Rayon 10% Polyamide
Weight: 140 g/m²
Width: 130 cm
Manufacturer: Riechers Marescot
Country: France
Categories: Dresses, Skirts

This Chantilly lace boasts a delicate floral pattern and lavish embroidery. Peppered in dots and tiny blossoms, its sheer background features three lines of neat bouquets placed in a chequerwise manner. The ornament is partially embroidered with pearly plastic beads, glass beads and trims in matching colors. The scalloped edge is abloom with picturesque bead flowers. This resilient fabric works best in long dresses and corsets but it can also make a clingy dress paired with stretchy underlay.

Chantilly Lace

Chantilly lace is a fine and delicate type of French lace, known for its light weight, exquisite floral patterns and pure femininity. Despite its airiness, this lace is very durable.

Chantilly lace is made on a hexagonal mesh ground, with an ornate floral pattern sometimes outlined in a heavier silky thread. It is usually designed with double scalloped edges. Traditional Chantilly lace is black, but today it can be dyed in any color. White and ivory are among the most popular ones, which explains why the fabric is often used as a bridal lace. 

This lace has always been perceived as the sign of luxury and high social status, since the production involved lots of manual work. Iconic French brands still use authentic 19th century looms to deliver the original spirit we love this fabric for. Exquisite and stylish, Chantilly lace is often seen on the world’s most famous catwalks during fashion weeks, transformed into luxurious dresses and gowns.

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