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Embroidered Silk Crepe Back Satin

SKU: 00068835
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US$ 886 /m per one running meter
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Composition:  100% Silk
Width: 135 cm
Country: India
Categories: Dresses, Jackets, Skirts

This mid weight silk satin crepe is decorated with all-over embroidery made with mint, pink, coral, blue and white threads. The scene created by the skillful hands of Indian masters is pacifying: birds and butterflies are fluttering amidst blooming roses. The textured pattern is finished with crystal beads and glass bugles.

This black fabric is slightly pebbly on the face side and smooth and lustrous on the reverse. Opaque, it has an elegant drape and hangs well, just what you would expect of crepe back satin. We see it made into sumptuous evening wear, including floor-length gowns, festive skirts, or mind-blowing kimono dresses. This opulent fabric might be too heavy for a blouse, but perfect for a lightweight jacket.

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