Double Faced Jacquard

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US$ 119 /m per one running meter

1 m =  1.1 yd

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Composition:  83% Polyester 17% Silk
Weight: 145 g/m²
Width: 145 cm
Manufacturer: Carnet
Country: Italy
Categories: Dresses, Skirts, Tops

This lovely beige jacquard boasts a neat floral pattern. It is composed of tender white flowers gathered in threes and an array of dots in a matching color. Our double faced fabric provides multiple styling opportunities. One side is lustrous and sleek, while the other has a firmer hand due to the silk yarn added into the weave. This fabric loves to be mixed with the dotted jacquard for a stunning duo effect.

Italian Jacquard

Italian jacquard fabric is defined by a great variety of fibre сombinations, weaving features and effects, all resulting in the way it looks and feels like. Silk jacquard, jacquard organza, cotton matelasse, stretch jacquard, silk & wool jacquard, silk & cotton jacquard, stretch cotton pique, double faced jacquard... this list is definitely incomplete. Across such an extensive fabric selection, there are Italian jacquard fabrics with floral, circular, geometrical, animal, raised, check, tribal and many other designs for the most refined taste. Italian jacquard fabric is produced on the legendary mills of Ruffo Coli, Taroni, Carnet and Etro, all proudly working on valouring the selvage "Made in Italy" and deserving to be called the benchmarks in the world of fabrics.

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Fabric by the Yard: Measurement Conversion

All fabrics on our website are priced by the running meter. The term "running meter" or "linear meter" is used in the fabric industry. To convert meters to yards, use the conversion factor 0.9144. In other words,
1 Yard = 0.9144 Meters
1 Metre = 1.0936 Yards

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