Silk Organza

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Composition:  100% Silk
Weight: 39 g/m²
Width: 140 cm
Manufacturer: Ruffo Coli
Country: Italy
Categories: Blouses, Dresses, Skirts

Silk Organza

There’s nothing like the beautiful, voluminous look of organza fabric, whether it’s a billowing bridal veil or puffing up stylish skirt.
Organza is thought to be named after the Italian word “organzino”, which means “fine silk twisted to increase its strength.” This fabric has an incredible ability to boost volume while simultaneously softening the silhouette.
With our exquisite organza fabric, you can add elegance and shimmer to any garment.


This fabric is produced by manufacturer Ruffo Coli. Known as the “Italian Talent for Textiles,” this company dates back to the early 1930s in Tuscany. Bartolomeo Boasso from a wealthy family in Turin decided to open a fabric store called “La Comense,” which quickly became a local landmark.
The reason for the exceptional success of this luxury fabric producer is a passion for quality and creative innovation. These days, Ruffo Coli is still a benchmark for superior craftsmanship in the world of silk fabrics.


This elegant sheer peach fabric imitates lace weave and has a sweet and timeless floral pattern. The white print has been applied with screen print technology, so it might feel a little rough on the face side, but the reverse side is soft and smooth. The fabric is lightweight, yet durable with a crisp feel.


Thanks to its ability to add shape and structure to skirts and veils, organza is often used in bridal wear and formal gowns.

Some types of organza can be washed by hand separately from clothes with zippers or bras with hooks. But the best option for silk organza is dry-cleaning. Never wring out your fabric too harshly as this can damage the texture. Lay out your organza garment flat to air dry and keep it away from direct heat.


All the fabrics on our website are priced by the “running meter” or “linear meter.” This is a term used in the fabric industry.

Silk Organza

Silk organza is a sheer, thin fabric constructed in a plain weave. It is lightweight and crisp and has a characteristic wiry finish. This stiff fabric is woven with a medium to high yarn count is made of silk and other fibers. An organza dress is often an item of eveningwear or bridal apparel. In terms of color, there is nothing like white organza fabric for making a voluminous bridal dress or a veil. Its surface is semi-sheer or transparent, with mystical silvery sheen. Prone to crushing, it is easily pressed. Organza is produced in China and India. Italy and France offer this fabric in deluxe quality.

The origins of the word 'organza' are yet to be established. It might be named after Italian ‘organzino’, French ‘organsin’ or ‘organdi’, which means “a kind of fine silk twisted in order to increase its strength’’. Gold and floral organza fabrics are among top 10 fashion trends.

Italian Organza

Italian organza fabric is an exquisite finely-woven cloth with a stiff feel. Coming from such iconic brands as Ruffo Coli, Carnet and Binda, it is available in various qualities: silk organza, metallic organza, organza cloque, fil coupe organza, jacquard organza. It also differs in terms of design and is produced in solid colors and prints. Solids basically come in pastel shades, except metallic organza. Printed Italian organza is about floral, abstract and geometric prints, all so in vogue in the upcoming fashion season.



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