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Silk Chantilly Lace

129 US$per one running metre
SKU: 00045066


Composition: 100% Silk
Width:145 cm
Suitable For:Finishing & Separate Garments


This brown Chantilly lace boasts an elaborate stripe pattern. It consists of alternating ripple and eyelet ornaments joined with fine silk fibers. Smart and elegant, it still brings a contemporary edge to the design. Our 100% high quality silk lace fabric has a matchless silky texture.

Silk Lace Fabrics

Silk lace fabric is lightweight, sheer and thin like a gossamer. Made of precious silk yarn, it boasts a glamorous sheen and a lush appearance. This extra-fine fabric can hardly be called resilient and strong. But when it comes to silk lace, the advantages massively outweigh the disadvantages.

Delicate and mysterious, this regal fabric is used for

  • bridal dresses,
  • special occasion garments,
  • exclusive lingerie,
  • silk trims and garments decoration,
  • prom dresses.

Bridal lace is mostly white, ivory or pastel-colored.

Silk lace is often paired with contrasting fabrics like

  • silk satin,
  • velvet,
  • leather,
  • cotton,
  • organza fabric.

Silk lace is often designed in a Chantilly style, which makes it perfect for a layered top, a shawl or an intriguing dress overlay.

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