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Double Faced Wool

122 US$per one running metre
SKU: 00066942


Composition: 100% Worsted Wool
Weight:333 g/m²
Width:154 cm
Manufacturer:Loro Piana
Suitable For:Coats, Dresses, Jackets, Skirts


This Italian wool fabric is a double faced cloth, with one side in dark navy and the other in bright blue. It has a natural stretch and is slightly rough to the touch. With its moderate weight and high crease resistance, this 100% wool material is equally suitable for suits and coats. Take the best out of its opaque nature, and make it into a comfortable jacket with contrasting lapels and cuffs.

100% Worsted Wool

Wool is a natural fiber clipped from animals such as sheep, goat, camel, llama, alpaca, etc. Wool is renowned for its warmth and crease resistance, as well as moisture absorbing properties. One of the softest kinds is the merino wool sheared off merino sheep. Available in a range of weaves, designs and colors, wool fabrics are mostly used for overcoats, jackets, suits, and dresses and are also a popular choice for home textiles.

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