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Faux Leather Guipure Lace

SKU: 00056215
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US$ 665 /m per one running meter
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Composition:  48% Polyester 26% Polyurethane 26% Cotton
Weight: 462 g/m²
Width: 93 cm
Manufacturer: Forster Rohner AG
Country: Switzerland
Suitable For: Finishing & Separate Garments

This black and white guipure lace fabric features a complex geometric pattern infused with Gothic vibes. It consists of faux leather flowers, decorated with silvery leaf embroidery. The lace is finished with a series of woven circles that provide a slightly textured feel. The softness of the embroidered pattern creates a nice contrast to the smooth faux leather flowers. This exclusive design is just what you need to recharge your wardrobe!

Guipure Lace

Guipure lace fabric is a type of bobbin lace that consists of raised elements interconnected with bars and subtle plaits. One of the most elegant lace types, it is also known as Venetian lace, and is a surefire trend for bridal and evening dresses in 2018. This lace can also be used to finish skirts, bodices or trains. Guipure lace is distinguished by thick outline that accentuates the beauty and splendour of the pattern. This lace is durable and easy to sew with.

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