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Embroidered Organza

SKU: 00059469
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US$ 629 /m per one running meter
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Composition:  28% Viscose 26% Metallic Fibers 22% Polyamide 16% Silk 8% Polyester
Width: 113 cm
Manufacturer: Forster Rohner AG
Country: Switzerland
Suitable For: Finishing & Separate Garments

This organza fabric is embroidered all over with metallic threads. Silver white, golden, bronze and grey threads are arranged chaotically on the sheer ground, filling it with texture and color. Stiff and crisp, this fabric stands apart from the body and is perfect for voluminous dresses and skirts.

This cream organza fabric is produced in Switzerland, the country synonymous with impeccable quality. We love how the colors merge and collide, leaving a thousand and one options for design. To make the most of it, use a lining fabric – it’ll give more opacity to this luxury cloth and ensure perfect comfort.

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