Silk & Cotton Matelasse

SKU: 00050975
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US$ 249 /m per one running meter
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Composition:  63% Silk 37% Cotton
Weight: 151 g/m²
Width: 138 cm
Manufacturer: Frontline
Country: Switzerland
Categories: Coats, Dresses, Jackets, Skirts

This black silk and cotton blend fabric features a matelasse floral design. Translated from French as ‘padded’, it only appears to have some padding inside, but contains none. Smooth and pliable, this casual matelasse fabric is a great option for dresses, suits, jackets and light coats.

Matelasse Fabric

Matelasse is a figured jacquard-type fabric made with either three or four sets of yarns. It has a compound weave structure, which results in advanced mechanical properties such as high durability, zero fibre separation, small creasing and good drapability. Matelasse fabrics come in a variety of patterns and colors. They are ideal for evening gowns as well as for bridal dresses and accessories, especially in a colder season. The splendour of matelasse fabrics inspires the world's leading fashion designers on creating mind-blowing attires for their annual collections.

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Fabric by the Yard: Measurement Conversion

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