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Swarovski Silk Organza

SKU: 00026692
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Composition: 67% Silk33% Metallic Fibers
Weight:39 g/m²
Width:135 cm
Manufacturer:Jakob Schlaepfer
Suitable For:Dresses, Skirts

This semi-sheer silk organza has a slight greyish beige sheen. It is decorated with sets of silver and black hot fix Swarovski sequins, resembling comets in the night sky. Jakob Schlaepfer surprises us time and again, and this fantasy fabric is no exception. The Swiss masters use high tech laser equipment to attach variously sized Swarovski rhinestones to the silk ground. Characterized by a slightly stiff feel and a pronounced texture, this silk organza is a lovely choice for airy dresses and skirts.

Silk Organza

Silk organza is a sheer, thin fabric constructed in a plain weave. It is lightweight and crisp and has a characteristic wiry finish. This stiff fabric is woven with a medium to high yarn count is made of silk and other fibers. An organza dress is often an item of eveningwear or bridal apparel. In terms of color, there is nothing like white organza fabric for making a voluminous bridal dress or a veil. Its surface is semi-sheer or transparent, with mystical silvery sheen. Prone to crushing, it is easily pressed. Organza is produced in China and India. Italy and France offer this fabric in deluxe quality.

The origins of the word 'organza' are yet to be established. It might be named after Italian ‘organzino’, French ‘organsin’ or ‘organdi’, which means “a kind of fine silk twisted in order to increase its strength’’. Gold and floral organza fabrics are among top 10 fashion trends.

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