Beaded Fabric Guide

Luxurious beaded fabrics are embellished with bugles, beads, pearls, gems and other decorations. They are used for making eveningwear and special event dresses.

The most common transparent fabrics for beading are tulle, lace and organza. Opaque beaded fabrics are jacquard, tweed & boucle. This luxury cloth features various designs: it may boast as with subtle floral motifs, as with heavy beading.

Beads are often combined with:

  • Ribbons,
  • Rhinestones,
  • Feathers,
  • Sequins,
  • Embroidery,
  • Applique.

Beaded fabrics enhance the beauty or status of the wearer and inspire contemporary garment design trends. One can call them exclusive, as it takes a long while to hand sew beads on them.

This is where artistry, elegant sewing and high dressmaking originate. These impressive fabrics are quite expensive due to the artisanship and fine detailed work that craftsmen do for the sake of beauty and haute couture.

4 Beaded Fabric Types & Characteristics

Whether you are a conservative bride-to-be or an eclectic bohemian, there is a beaded fabric to suit every taste and need. Italian chiffon flower embroidered lace by Riechers Marescot is gentle and lightweight – just 95 g/m²! French exclusive embroidered lace by Solstiss Sa is heavy — 1,173 g/m². But it displays a real rave of color and definitely turns heads when layered over solid silks.

Table 1. Beaded fabric types and properties

Fabric Type



Suitable For

Beaded Tulle

30 - 200 g/m²

85 - 155 cm

Finishing & Separate Garments

Beaded Lace

82 - 484 g/m²

36 - 130 cm

Finishing & Separate Garments

Tweed & Boucle

232 - 325 g/m²

135 - 150 cm

Finishing & Separate Garments

Beaded Trim

0.5 - 21 cm Finishing

Beaded Tulle

This fabric is known for its sheer background, marvelous drape and lightweight. Hand beaded tulle with a myriad of beads, sequins and pearls looks chic and dramatic. Designers use it for overlaying long skirts and gowns, adorning tops and jackets.

Italian beaded tulle by famous produces like Ruffo Coli is popular in the world of high fashion. If you are looking for vibrant colors and loud patterns, keep your eye out for Indian beaded tulle.

Beaded Lace

Beaded lace costs a fortune: up to 1,500 US$ per meter and more. However, it is worth every cent. It will be your legacy to keep and hand on to your offspring. Do not hang precious beaded lace pieces in your closet. Better, keep them in a trunk lined with tissue paper.

Riechers Marescot, Solstiss Sa and Sophie Hallette are the three top sellers from France. Each of them has a rich history and unparalleled style.

A Beaded Dress in 8 Steps

Beaded fabric is romantic. It is feminine to the core. It can elevate even the simplest dress. Every girl secretly wants to buy beaded lace or tulle to make a perfect bridal gown or a prom dress. Do you also dream of a fabulous sparkly bodice or fairy-tale princess attire?

Here are the 8 steps to making it:

  1. Consultation and the measurements.

Choose the style that fits your body type. Take the measurements. Find the fabrics that will look nice together, enhance the skin tone and make your face glow.

  1. Fabric purchase.

There are many on-line shops, but just a few offer high quality beaded lace. You are reading this, which means you have found the right place to buy fabrics.

  1. Sewing process.

Modify commercial pattern, transfer the pattern to the underdress fabric and sew.

  1. Fitting 1.

At this stage work with the beaded lace layout.

  1. Fitting 2.

Cutting the fashion fabrics. Pinning and sewing on the beaded lace fabric.

  1. Breaking beads, sewing.

Use towels to protect the fabric along the seamlines while breaking the beads. This way it can go to sewing machine.

  1. Finishing touch.

Sew the lining and attach it inside the dress, sew on zippers, snap buttons etc.

  1. Re-bead the dress along the edges and where needed. Voila!

Make sure the beaded lace lays completely flat onto the underlying fabric before cutting and pinning it! Use a matching thread color or invisible thread to sew the beaded lace to the underlying fabric.

Tissura Collection

At our online shop, you can buy online a beaded fabric having selected from more than 400 amazing textiles. Some designs were exclusively customized to fit our customers’ refined taste. Tissura cooperates with a few talented manufacturers from India that provide us with high-end embellished tulles. We have made our name in working closely with the most distinguished European producers:

  1. Ruffo Coli (Italy),
  2. Riechers Marescot (France),
  3. Solstiss Sa (France),
  4. Sophie Hallette (France),
  5. Jakob Schlaepfer (Switzerland).

To give you a sneak peak into our luxury collection, we have picked some of our most stunning beaded fabrics below. To get to the product page, read the detailed description and place your order, simply click on the picture. To see our entire range, click on the button placed under the pictures:

Beaded fabric

Beaded tulle — 288.70 € (345.70 US$) per one running metre;

Beaded fabric

Swarovski hologram organza — 1,271.20 € (1520.20 US$) per one running metre;

Beaded fabric

Embroidered beaded tulle — 917 € (1,097 US$) per one running metre;

beaded fabric

Feather beaded tulle — 1,403 € (1,678 US$) per one running metre.

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