Payment & Delivery


Tissura (further also referred to as ‘the Shop’) accepts payments by debit or credit cards and bank transfers.

Please, note that

· orders over 1000 EUR/USD are paid via bank transfer (exceptions apply)

· for orders with out-of-standard specifications the Shop’s managers provide the payment link or bank transfer Invoice manually, after checking the items and calculating the delivery cost

Payment by card

· The Shop accepts payments by VISA and MasterCard debit/credit cards.

· Payments by card are processed by Global Payments service.

· The card used for payment must be valid for international transactions.

· In order for card payment to be successful, the billing address provided by the payer on the Website should be exactly the same as the card registration address.

· Payment by card can be made during checkout after placing the order on the Website.

· If not paid at checkout, the payment link is available in the customer’s profile (in case the customer is registered on the Website) or in the email sent by the Shop or the Shop’s manager.

· The payment link is valid for 72 hours only. The Shop reserves the right to cancel unpaid orders after 72 hours, unless an extension was discussed with the customer.

· The payment attempts via the link are limited to 3 (three). If the 3 provided attempts are failed, the Shop reserves the right to change the payment method to bank transfer.

· In case of failed card payment attempts, please contact Tissura Customer Service.

· In case that any editing of the order is needed before payment, please contact Tissura Customer Service. The manager will send the direct payment link manually after editing the order to the email address provided in the order.

· The Shop reserves the right to refuse a request and/or cancel the order if any fraudulent payment activity is suspected. In case that such suspicion is referred to a paid order, the refund will also be given without notice.

Payment via bank transfer

· The Invoice for bank transfer is sent manually by the manager after confirming the availability of the items.

· The Invoice can be paid at the bank directly with the help of the bank’s managers, or online using the requisites provided in the Invoice.

· The transfer is made with requisites provided in the Invoice to the legal entity (beneficiary) First View Trading Limited.

· A discount of 3% (three percent) off the total is provided for bank transfers.

· The amount of the customer's bank commission, if any, depends on the said bank, and is not included in the grand total of the Invoice.

· The Invoice is valid for 72 hours.


· The delivery can be carried by a courier company or by self pick-up at the Hong Kong showroom (for more info on the self pick-up option, please contact Tissura Customer Service).

· The shop provides worldwide delivery. The full list of countries where the delivery can be arranged can be found in the drop-down menu shopping cart during checkout.

· The delivery is usually carried by the DHL Courier Company.

· The items purchased on the Website are shipped after the online order is fully paid.

· The orders are shipped within 1-3 (one-three) business days or more, depending on the volume of the order, availability of the items at stocks, or induced schedule regulations, such as local holidays etc. If preparing the order needs more than 3 (three) business days, the customer will be notified by an email, text or phone call.

· After the order is sent, the customer receives tracking information from the Shop or the Shop’s manager (a tracking number and a link to track it on the courier company’s website).

· The delivery by courier company is carried to the shipping address, provided in the order details. To receive the package an ID may be required. The delivery to P/O option is not available.

· In case if the delivery is not completed due to missing or invalid receiver’s contact and/or address details or any other information required by the country of import, the order is returned to the Shop. The shipping cost charged in this case is not refundable. Second shipping of the same order, if necessary, is paid by the customer.

· The maximum possible quantity of items for one order — 50 (fifty) items.

· One order can be shipped in 2 (two) or more separate packages, depending on delivery requirements and conditions on the Shop’s side. In case of 2 (two) or more packages to be sent, the customer will be notified in advance by an email, text or phone call.

· Shipping of 2 (two) or more orders placed by one customer cannot be arranged simultaneously. Every order is sent only after the previous one is delivered and confirmed by the customer.

· The standard delivery cost is shown in the shopping cart and is valid for orders with up to 7 (seven) items of 5 (five) meters each and with grand total less than 1000 (thousand) EUR/USD. The delivery cost for the package that exceeds the standard specifications is calculated individually.

· The delivery cost includes delivery and insurance.

· The delivery cost does not include additional import taxes, duties and fees. It is highly recommended to consult the receivers’ country customs office about the import rules and the amount of the import taxes, duties and fees, if any, before placing an order on the Website.

· The delivery time is shown in the shopping cart. It is estimated and varies from 2 (two) to 10 (ten) days, depending on the country of destination. The delivery time may also vary depending on the delivery regulations, conditions, customs procedures, global situation etc.

· The Shop is not responsible for a delayed, failed or improper execution of the order delivery caused by neglect or default of logistics companies and post or force majeure circumstances.

· The customer is obliged to comply with the rules of international shipping, such as providing full information, required by the country of import’s customs for proper delivery execution; providing any additional information for customs import procedures, if needed; pay any import taxes, duties and fees, if applied and calculated according to the country’s import rules.

· For any information and updates regarding a shipped order, the customer is welcome to contact Tissura Customer Service or the courier company carrying out the delivery directly.

We accept payments made with the following credit cards: