Payment & Delivery

Payment by bank transfer

Available to private individuals.

You can pay by bank transfer based on an invoice at any bank. To do this, please select “Bank transfer”. As soon as the order is processed, we will issue an invoice and send it to your email. All you need to do is print it out and pay it at any bank.

ATTENTION: Bank fees are not included in the invoice amount.

Available to legal entities.

Please send us your company details via email ( or fax + 852 3462 2844 so that we can issue an invoice. The order will be shipped to your address as soon as the funds are credited to our current account. Special delivery and payment terms are available. If you wish to make a supply contract, you will be required to provide some documents (certificate, charter, etc.).

Payment by credit card

If you have chosen payment by credit/debit card, please make sure it is eligible for online payments.

You may check this information with the bank that issued your card.

Payments by credit card are processed through Global Payments.

We will check the availability of the products and contact you to confirm the delivery option you have selected and other details pertaining to the order.
As soon as the order is confirmed, we will send you the payment link or the invoice depending on the payment option selected.

We accept payments made with the following credit cards:

Delivery Terms


Available delivery options:

- Courier service.

- Self-pickup. You may pick up your order in one of Tissura shops provided the item you need is in stock. Addresses: Hong Kong, Moscow, Saint Petersburg.

Delivery Time

Your order will be shipped within 1-3 working days from the payment date (Monday to Friday, except public holidays).

Deliveries in Hong Kong are made within one working day.

International delivery time may vary depending on the delivery option selected (courier service) and the distance between your location and Tissura shop that will ship the order.

Courier delivery takes 2-10 days depending on the distance between your location and the place of shipment, as well as the company that will ship your order. You can also specify the delivery time by contacting the selected logistics company.

Shipping Costs

Courier service: the shipping costs depend on the weight of the order, as well as the place of receipt, and will be set once the order is prepared for shipment and accepted by the delivery service. We will recommend you courier services available for your country.


1. Shipping costs are not included in the cost of the order and are calculated separately.

2. Additional import taxes, duties and fees may be levied by the customs authority in accordance with the current laws of the destination country. We recommend that you check for the regulations applicable to the receipt of purchased goods in your country before placing the order.

3. Order is shipped upon advance payment only.

4. All website prices are indicated in two currencies. You can switch to the following currencies depending on your location: United States Dollar ($) or Euro (€).

5. Minimum order length is 0.5 m.

Receipt of Delivery

Your order will be delivered to the address specified by you in the order form. To receive the order, you may need to show an ID document to the courier. Always check the integrity of the parcel and its contents upon delivery.


Once the courier company has accepted the order, it is held liable for its delivery and preservation.

Tissura is not responsible for a failure to execute or improper execution of an order caused by neglect or default of courier companies or post and force majeure circumstances, as well as incorrect or incomplete information specified by the customer.

In case of any questions regarding delivery terms or delays in delivery, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service or call us at +852 2763 5668.