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Cotton Blend 177


Cotton blend is a popular option for making breathable jersey, comfortable underwear, lightweight summer garments and much more. A blend of premium fibres, added into the weave, strengthens cotton fabric. Metallic threads make cotton jacquard glitter like gold and silver. Fancy yarn, ribbons and other decorations lend cotton tweed boucle its characteristic knobby texture. A touch of elastane provides cotton velvet with some stretch making it perfect for bodycon silhouettes.

Cotton Blend Fashion 2019

In 2019, the trend for cotton-based fabrics is expected to remain strong. The S/S and A/W fashion designs can be devided into the following three major groups:

  1. Metallic. In 2019, metallic jacquard is all the rage. Sparkling fabrics with 50% cotton and more are soft, thick and durable.
  2. Stripes. Magnetic striped pattern is an evergreen trend. Choose double-faced jacquards with a blend of premium fibers added for durability and colour retention.
  3. Florals. Bloom even in winter wearing extra-smooth cotton & silk batiste with a whimsical floral print.

Tissura Collection

Tissura offers fabrics only by the most renowned European brands:

  • Binda — our Italian supplier from the province of Como. Floral and paisley prints against the mustard brown, deep blue and black backgrounds leave no one indifferent;
  • Clarenson — a family-owned French manufacturer of a funky tweed boucle for a Chanel-inspired dress;
  • Fabric Lab — a renowned manufacturer of reversible stretch, metallic and textured fabrics from Italy;
  • Carnet, Ruffo Coli, Luigi Verga and Grosber are synonyms of Italian quality. They manufacture high-end tweed boucle fabrics with a touch of elegance and chic style.
Metallic Brocade #1
Metallic Brocade
SKU: 00061870
US$ 99
This golden brocade features a diagonal weave design. Thick and durable, it resembles denim with its sturdy structure, with metallic threads giving it a mesmerizing glow.
Tweed Boucle #1
Tweed Boucle
SKU: 00060754
US$ 212
This vibrant tweed boucle is a blend of fancy yarn in dark blue, white and golden. Metallic threads woven intricately throughout the fabric lend it a subtle glimmer.
Tweed Boucle #1
Tweed Boucle
SKU: 00060995
US$ 96
This tweed boucle with a classic check pattern is woven from fancy yarn in black and off-white with rainbow specks for a pop of color. The fabric has a looped, knotted surface and a textured feel.
Tweed Boucle #1
Tweed Boucle
SKU: 00060997
US$ 92
This tweed boucle with a classic check pattern is woven from fancy yarn in black, off-white and slate grey. The fabric has a looped, knotted surface and a textured feel.
Stretch Double Faced Jacquard #1
Stretch Double Faced Jacquard
SKU: 00063088
US$ 105
This double-faced jacquard features a magnetic striped pattern in beige and black, with abstract flowers creating an eye-catching optical illusion. Based on cotton, it has a pleasantly soft finish and feels amazing on the body.
Tweed Boucle #1
Tweed Boucle
SKU: 00060497
US$ 131
This medium weight tweed boucle is made of ivory fibers interlaced with black threads. Together they create a pebbly surface with a fancy check pattern, which has a pleasant textured feel.