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Beads, sequins, appliques, embroidery. These fine tulles have it all. Browse a brand new collection of handcrafted fabrics from our partners, a celebration of rare artisanal skills and sought-after quality. They encapsulate the ongoing trends seen all over the runway and are just what you need to prepare for a special occasion — from a red carpet gown to a gala dress.

Sequined & Beaded Tulle #1
Sequined & Beaded Tulle
SKU: 00068788
US$ 840
This luxurious tulle in silver grey features a marvelous floral pattern. Silver bugles make a lovely bee's cells pattern.
Floral Applique Beaded Tulle #1
Floral Applique Beaded Tulle
SKU: 00068785
US$ 1,200
This sophisticated tulle fabric in nude features an original mix of checks and floral appliques. The check pattern is made with silver-grey bugles, while floral appliques consist of strips of tone-on-tone tulle, lavishly adorned with peach and clear beads and silver grey bugles.
Floral Applique Sequined & Beaded Tulle #1
Floral Applique Sequined & Beaded Tulle
SKU: 00068776
US$ 901
This vibrant tulle fabric features a luxurious floral applique design. The sheer ground in beige-pink is embellished allover with graceful plastic flowers, sequins and beads in beige, pink, pearl and light blue.
Sequin, Bead & Rhinestone Embroidered Tulle #1
Sequin, Bead & Rhinestone Embroidered Tulle
SKU: 00060077
US$ 438
This nude tulle fabric boasts a fabulous floral pattern along the edge. Its lower part is embroidered by hand with beige pearls interlaced with clear crystals.
Floral Applique Beaded Tulle #1
Floral Applique Beaded Tulle
SKU: 00068836
US$ 1,200
This stunning tulle fabric boasts a gorgeous floral design. It is adorned with floral appliques, beads and hand embroidery with silk threads.
Sequined Organza #1
Sequined Organza
SKU: 00068829
US$ 900
This show-stopping embroidered silk organza fabric boasts hundreds of small flat sequins in peach, blue, olive and grey tints. Dainty flowers reach out towards the sun, blooming all over the lower half of the fabric.