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Clasps are sewing accessories applied for fastening your clothing. Besides their functional role, these elements also greatly perform as an embellishment too. Encrusted with rhinestones, pearls, or an exquisite alloy, they bring a vibe of luxury to your outfit and generally help you make your look eye-catchy.


You can use these elements for various pieces of clothing, from jacquard skirts and elegant blouses to stylish boucle jackets, and much, much more. In fact, the combination of outfits you can apply clasps for is endless.

Tissura Collection

Always striving to offer you only the most luxurious designs, we cooperate with brands that have high reputation in the fashion world: Modapierre (France) and Baldini (Italy).

Cinch Clip #1
Cinch Clip - France (Beads 0 Metal Alloy )
SKU: 00060417
18.20 US$
This metal cinch clip consists of three white pearl beads nestled between fancy details. A stylish accessory for garments that need to be gathered or tightened up.
Cinch Clip #1
Cinch Clip - France (Metal Alloy Rhinestones 0)
SKU: 00060415
16 US$
This golden metal cinch clip consists of two rectangular details fastened with a link detail. It is encrusted with a set of sheer rhinestones.