Tulle Fabrics

Tulle is a lightweight mesh fabric that has a sheer netlike or patterned structure. It is easy to dye and comes in multiple color variations. Our tulle is mostly 160-180 cm wide and has a weight of 14 g/m². This delicate and gaudy fabric is used for finishing and separate garments.

Chiffon Fabrics

Chiffon fabric is an airy, sheer plain weave cloth created out of highly twisted filament yarns. Such technology provides exceptional fineness and a slightly textured hand. Most commonly made of silk, it is used both for special occasion and casual outfits, such as dresses, skirts and blouses, all especially popular in summer.

Silk Habotai Fabrics

Silk habotai fabric is the type of a plain weave silk cloth renowned for its fineness, light weight, softness, sheen and silky hand. All-natural, it is most commonly used for lining, decorating your outfits with stitching or an artistic embroidery, as well as for creating summer blouses, pareo, light lingerie and scarves.

Cotton Fabrics

Cotton fabric is a type of natural cloth created out of the cotton plant fibres. Coming in a wide range of weaves, it is the most versatile and popular fabric in the world.

Italian Cotton Fabrics

Italian cotton fabrics are high profile cotton textiles of utmost quality that showcase a legendary Italian expertise in fabric design. It is a splendid option for those who want to take the most even from such popular fabric as cotton.

Merino Wool Fabrics

Merino wool fabric is the versatile, natural and warm fabric made from Merino sheep wool. A brilliant result of evolution and selective breeding, Merino wool is exquisitely soft, skin-friendly and suitable for any project. This is what lies at the heart of this well-loved universal fiber used for a wide range of products – from comfy blankets to superfine wool lace.

Fabric by the Yard

Fabric by the yard is the first necessary calculation that a dressmaker or tailor conducts when getting prepared to the sewing process. It is easy to assess the importance of this factor as generally it strongly defines the final price of garment making.

Chantilly Lace

Chantilly lace fabric is a type of bobbin lace traditionally created out of black threads and featuring floral or botanical patterns on a point d’esprit or net background. Its name originates from the city of Chantilly in France where such lace concept was firstly designed.

Cotton Poplin Fabric – Types, Properties and Uses

Poplin fabric also called tabinet is a plain weave material characterized by crosswise ribs. Tightly woven, it contains twice as many warp yarns as weft yarns. It is a strong material most often found in shirts, dresses and pajamas. The average poplin weight is around 100 g/m2.

Dressmaking Fabrics – The Complete Guide

Dressmaking fabric is a type of woven or knitted cloth made of animal, plant or man-made fibres and incorporating certain features that make it suitable for creating a dress. In fact, this fabric comes in many types, as dress varieties are almost endless.