High Fashion Fabric Guide

High fashion fabrics are used for couture dress making, wealthy and upper middle class exclusive tailoring. They inspire new catwalk looks and set contemporary design trends that mass market copies.

Experienced producers create luxurious high fashion fabrics with utmost attention to detail. Most designs imply meticulous and time-consuming handwork techniques like beading, coloring and embroidery.

high fashion fabric

Expensive Fabrics. Why?

A synonym of premium quality and refined taste, high fashion fabrics are costly but they justify the pricing. To the untrained eye, they may not appear all that different from “your typical online shop fabrics”. Same old jacquard, organza and other fabric types. Maybe the designs are fancier, with all these feathers and Swarovski crystals.

However, why buy a meter of fabric at the price of a dress? If you share the idea, this list will make you change your mind.

7 Features of High Fashion Fabrics

  1. Expensive-to-produce.

The price is not just about the end product. The cost of a meter of haute couture fabric is the result of the entire process that brought that product into existence, including the expenses from high-end fibers, weaving and finishing, and the business model of the company. Producers purchase and maintain advanced machinery, employ latest technologies and have vast design and technology departments on the payroll.

  1. Natural.

High fashion fabrics are often made of 100% silk, pure cotton and merino wool. Renowned manufacturers that work with natural fibers combine centuries-old experience with sophisticated cutting-edge technology.

  1. High-tech.

Some brands even have their own research institutes that create new fabrics. For instance, Jakob Schlaepfer, our innovative Swiss supplier, can boast premium silk fabrics with exclusive prints, 3D and hologram effects, exquisite laser-cut cotton and much more.

  1. Hand-embroidered.

This point is generally true for items over 500$ decorated with appliques, rhinestones, beads and embroidery. You can literally feel the energy invested in these artworks.

  1. Various.

Heavy tweed boucle and barely-there silk chiffon. Powder pink embroidered tulle and glossy black lace. Sparkling sequins that cover all the surface and gentle ombre effect. There is an haute couture fabric to fit every taste

  1. Unique.

So extraordinary and so different. Not a single repeated design. You could have never imagined a floral pattern that looks so real. We have a wide range of dream-like fabrics with strong personality.

  1. Luxurious.

You have seen these fabrics on TV. Spotted them on celebrities and catwalks. They are used by top world designers and worn by fashion icons. You don’t have to walk a runway to look trendy and chic.

high fashion fabric

Types of Haute Couture Designs

This table will give you a quick overview of high fashion design varieties:

Table 1. Haute couture fabric designs and weave types

Design Type

Fabric Type



tulle, lace, velvet

25 - 404 g/m²


organza, lace, tulle, wool

66 - 809 g/m²

Swarovski crystals

lace, tulle, wool,

113 g/m²



50 - 221 g/m²


tweed boucle, chiffon, wool

256 - 1,688 g/m²




5 Fashion Ideas by Tissura

It is easy to get lost in daily chores and holiday hustle and bustle. Do you scramble between meeting deadlines, buying presents and searching for exclusive fabrics? Or maybe you want to quit the “discuss the project with my seamstress, select the fabric, adopt the garment design to my measurements” routine? We got you covered!

  1. This feather sequin & bead embroidered tulle is almost a ready-made dress! The upper part is perfect for a bodice embellished with lemon sequins and glass beads. The lower part adorned with long soft feathers and textile elements looks like a floor-sweeping skirt!
  2. Our 3D floral applique tulle is a game changer. Embellish your dress or blouse with fresh flowers.
  3. The 120cm-wide piece of this embroidered tulle wraps around the entire bodice. So there’s no need to find matching material for the back.
  4. This floral applique tulle is resilient and has a nice stretch. It was born to be a finishing layer for your dress, bustier or a tutu skirt.
  5. Dark blue or red embroidered tulle with Swarovski crystals resembles a starry sky. Both colors are great for a festive decoration on top of your solid dress.

high fashion fabrics

Tissura Collection

Still dreaming of a power piece to shape your wardrobe? We promise you will never get enough of high fashion fabrics by these European producers. Even if you have a walk-in closet the size of a living room.

  • Jakob Schlaepfer, Switzerland;
  • Forster Rohner, Switzerland;
  • Aldo Bianchi, Italy;
  • HOH, Austria;
  • Sophie Hallette, France;
  • Riechers Marescot, France;
  • Taroni, Italy;
  • Ruffo Coli, Italy.

In many respects, our close long-term cooperation with these companies that supply prominent fashion houses makes Tissura the No.1 store to buy high fashion fabrics online at in 2019. We never sell stocks, and if you are not just keeping up with the current fashion trends, but even strive to predict the upcoming ones, we gladly stretch you a helping hand.

Want to stay timelessly unique? Go for our custom fabrics that have been created or designed specially on our order, on the mills of the prominent brands. The combination of refined artistic taste, innovative production technologies and always utmost quality make them a surefire option for the most important events you participate.

High fashion fabric

Ombre embroidered organza, 444 € (529 US$) per one running metre;

High fashion fabric

Sequined wool gauze, 1,884.70 € (2,243.20 US$) per one running metre;

High fashion fabric

Pink ruffled chiffon fabric, 604.50 € (720 US$) per one running metre;

High fashion fabric

Sequined tweed boucle fabric, 2,741 € (3,262 US$) per one running metre

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