Terms & Conditions

1. General

1.1 Tissura (further also referred to as ‘the Shop’) is an online retail shop of fabrics, trimmings and accessories, selling the items on the website www.tissura.com (further referred to as ‘the Website’) and arranging worldwide delivery of purchased items.

1.2 The purchase on the Website is an online order, placed and fully paid by the customer on the Website. A request for items via email, text or any other contact method is not accepted as an order, does not reserve the items or their prices.

1.2.1 To place an order, the customer must provide the Shop full name, valid email address, valid contact phone number and the shipping and billing addresses of the customer.

1.2.2 All expenses on the items and delivery are covered by the customer.

1.3 The customer cannot edit the order content and personal data by themselves after it is placed. In case that any changes are required, please, contact Tissura Customer Service.

1.3.1 The order content and personal data cannot be edited after the order is paid. In case that any changes are required, please, contact Tissura Customer Service immediately.

1.4 If there is any information regarding the items or personal data provided by the customer that needs customer’s assistance, clarification or confirmation, the Shop contacts the customer via email or phone number provided in the placed order. If the customer does not respond within 72 hours, the Shop reserves the right to cancel the order and give a full refund, if the payment has been made.

1.5 In the unlikely event that an item (or items) purchased by the customer is (are) unavailable or defected, the Shop reserves the right to give the customer full refund, informing them by an email, text or phone call.

1.6 The Shop reserves the right to refuse a request and/or cancel the order if any fraudulent activity is suspected. In case that such suspicion is referred to a paid order, the refund will also be given, without notice.

1.7 All rights for the content (texts, photos etc), the concept, the HTML and the design of are reserved by the Shop.

1.8 All graphics and text materials posted on the Website are intended for personal non-commercial use only. Any reproduction or other use of such materials without prior written permission of the Shop as sole copyright holder is expressly prohibited.

1.9 The Website reserves the right to change any Terms and/or Conditions, if needed, without prior announcement.

2. Costs and pricing

2.1 All prices for the items posted on the Website are listed in the following currencies: Euro (€), United States Dollar (US$).

2.2 All prices for the items posted on the Website in Euro are fixed, while the prices in USD are subject to change depending on the current exchange rate. The USD price for the ordered item (or items) is valid for 72 hours from the order placement. After that it will be recalculated based on the current exchange rate.

2.3 All costs of the items posted on the Website may be altered depending on the market situation, currency fluctuations and other conditions.

2.4. All prices for the items posted on the Website are per 1 (one) running meter (m) for fabrics, trims, chains and other measuring items; per 1 (one) piece (pc) for buttons, shawls, scarves, patches and other decorative elements, unless indicated otherwise on the item’s page.

2.5 All sale prices and special costs, if any, are valid only within the timeframe of the sale or/and the special offer, announced on the Website. All special offers and sale prices, if any, are subject to change or be canceled at the sole discretion of the Shop.

2.6 All costs of the items posted on the Website do not include shipping costs. The shipping cost information is available during checkout.

2.7 The Shop reserves the right to recalculate the shipping cost posted on the Website in the checkout section. In case of recalculated standard tariff posted on the Website in the checkout section, the Shop notifies and confirms the final shipping cost with the customer before payment.

2.8 All costs of the items posted on the Website or the shipping costs do not include additional taxes, duties and fees. It is highly recommended to consult the receivers’ country customs office about the amount of the taxes, duties and fees, if any, before placing an order on the Website.

2.9 All taxes, duties and fees, if any, are paid by the customer separately through the delivery company that carries the delivery.

2.10 The Shop cannot take the responsibility for any taxes, duties and fees, nor can the Shop accept or give any refund of any taxes, duties and fees paid to the third party.

3. Items

3.1 Fabrics, trims, chains and other measuring items are priced and sold by meter (m). Any other metric conversion is informational and is left at the customer’s discretion.

3.2 The Shop reserves the right to remove an item or service from the Website at any given time without notice.

3.3 The width and weight of the items, if posted on the Website, may vary slightly.

3.4 As the Shop operates as retail, the availability of any item is subject to change at any time. The sold out items are not re-stockable (exceptions apply).

3.5 All items’ images posted on the Website are taken by professional photographers with high-quality equipment. However, colors of fabrics and other items may vary depending on screen settings and color rendition. It is recommended to check the color and other characteristics of the items with the Shop’s managers of the Website before placing an order.

3.6 Most of the items’ pages on the Website feature “Similar Items” and “Looks Well With” lines. “Similar Items” display items similar in type, price, design etc. “Looks Well With” refers to the items that can be featured in tailoring a garment and are recommended by the Shop designers and are subjective in nature.

4. Samples

4.1 As the Shop operates as retail offering limited and non re-stockable collections (exceptions apply) from over 50 different suppliers, a sample book cannot be provided.

4.2 A sample of any item from the Shops’ catalogue, excluding the Exclusive Fabrics catalogue, can be purchased by using the relevant button on the said item’s webpage. Clicking the button adds the standard sized sample to the customer's cart.

4.3 The standard fabric sample size is 10 cm multiplied by width of the item. The sample size and therefore its cost may vary depending on the items features.

4.4 In case a larger quantity of the item is purchased after examining its sample, the sample is non-returnable and non-refundable.

5. Returns

5.1 Fabrics, trims, chains and other items sold by meter at the Website are non-returnable and non-refundable. If there are any concerns about the color, quality or other features of the purchased item (items), please, contact Tissura Customer Service.

5.2 A request for a return of an item (items) sold by piece can be applied within 14 (fourteen) days of receipt, if the item is in perfect re-saleable condition. In case if the return is confirmed, the return must be arranged by and at the expense of the customer. The refund will be made during 7 (seven) days after the Shop receives and checks the return item (items).

6. Delivery

6.1 The items purchased on the Website are shipped after the online order is fully paid.

6.2 The items purchased on the Website can be delivered only to or from destinations available in the ‘Delivery to’ drop-down menu in the shopping cart.

6.3 The delivery time posted on the Website in the checkout section is estimated and can vary.

6.4 The Shop is not responsible for a delayed, failed or improper execution of the order delivery caused by neglect or default of logistics companies and post or force majeure circumstances.

6.5 The customer is obliged to comply with the rules of international shipping and provide full information, required by the country of import’s customs for proper delivery execution.

6.6 In case if the delivery is not completed due to missing or invalid receiver’s contact and/or address details or any other information required by the country of import, the order is returned to the Shop. The shipping cost charged is not refundable. Second shipping of the same order, if necessary, is paid by the customer.

6.7 More information about the delivery terms you may find on the Payment and Delivery page.

7. Loyalty Program

The Shop offers a loyalty program for one-time or accumulated purchases to all customers. The discounts of the program are as follows:

  • 3% off from 5,000 EUR;
  • 5% off from 12,000 EUR;
  • 7% off from 20,000 EUR;
  • 10% off from 30,000 EUR.

A personal discount is linked to the email address, with which the account is signed. The discount cannot be accumulated from 2 (two) or more accounts (email addresses).

A personal discount cannot be accumulated with any other special offers and discounts, unless the conditions of the said offers provide otherwise.

For designers and ateliers the Shop offers a special loyalty program, as for the Shop operates as retail and does not provide wholesale prices. For more details, please, contact Tissura Customer Service.

8. The information posted on the Website is thoroughly checked. However, errors and misprints may occur.

9. By accepting the terms and conditions during checkout you are agreeing to all paragraphs above.

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