Terms & Conditions

1. All rights for the content (texts, photos), the concept, the HTML and the design of the website www.tissura.com (further — the Website) are reserved by Tissura.

2. All graphics and text materials are intended for personal, non-commercial use only. Any reproduction or other use of such materials without the prior written permission of the sole copyright holder Tissura is expressly prohibited.

3. All prices on the items posted on the Website are listed in the following currencies: United States Dollar (US$), Euro (€).

4. All prices on the Website may be altered depending on the market situation, currency fluctuations and other conditions. Please mind that USD prices are subject to change. The current USD price for the item (s) you've ordered is valid for 5 days from the date of order placement. After that, it will be recalculated based on the current rate of exchange.

5. The prices on the items posted on the Website do not include shipping costs.

6. All the photos posted on the Website are taken by professional photographers with high-quality equipment. However, colors of fabrics and other items may vary depending upon your monitor settings and color rendition. We recommend that you check the color and other fabric characteristics with our managers before placing an order.

7. Most countries charge additional import taxes, duties and fees. These fees as well as shipping costs are paid by the customer.

8. The information posted on the Website is thoroughly checked. However, errors and misprints may occur.

9. The width of the fabrics and trims, as well as the size of the buttons posted on the Website may vary slightly. The weight of the fabrics may also vary slightly.

10. Items sold by the metre (fabrics, trims, chains, etc.) are non-returnable and non-refundable.

11. Each product page contains “Similar Items” and “Looks Well With” lines. While “Similar Items” display similar products (similar type, price, design, etc.), “Looks Well With” show the products that can be combined to create an outfit (various types, designs, colors, etc.). “Looks Well With” products are recommended by Tissura designers and are subjective in nature.

12. Tissura reserves the right to launch any sale, promotion or special offer on their website www.tissura.com, as well as to withdraw/change all special offers any time, with or without notice.

13. Tissura offers a customer rewards and loyalty program. To get a permanent discount on all items posted on the Website, you need to make a one-time or accumulated purchase as follows:

3% discount with an accumulated or one-time purchase of 5,000 EUR;

5% discount with an accumulated or one-time purchase of 12,000 EUR;

7% discount with an accumulated or one-time purchase of 20,000 EUR;

10% discount with an accumulated or one-time purchase of 30,000 EUR.

14. ​Tissura cannot take orders from and to destinations not available in the drop-down menu 'Delivery To'.

15. Tissura is not responsible for a failure to execute or improper execution of an order caused by neglect or default of logistics companies and post or force majeure circumstances. In case of any questions regarding delivery terms or delays in delivery, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

16. The first-person pronouns such as “we”, “us”, “our”, used throughout the Website, refer to Tissura.

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