11 January | NEWS
Italian fabrics discount
Today is January 11 - the International Thank-You Day! Dziakuju, dziekuje, thank you, danke, merci, toda, dank, grazie, arigato, obrigado, tack, gracias, xie xie, tesekkür ederim — that’s what we want to tell you!
5 January | NEWS
Exclusive wool fabrics for men
London Fashion Week Men's is starting today. We are starting our High Fashion Week.
29 December |
French, Italian and Swiss fabrics
Would you like to see a 1 minute 30 seconds long documentary called "Arrival of a Train"?
22 December | NEWS
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
15 December | NEWS
30% off Discount on Easy-to-Sew Fabrics
Get 30% off our easy-to-sew fabrics: one cut, one seam, and you are a party queen!