12 April | NEWS
prom dress fabrics
With prom just around the corner, it’s time to start designing your perfect dress – the most beautiful and important attire in a girl’s life.
7 April | NEWS
fabrics with birds and flowers
We’re excited to welcome a selection of embroidered fabrics with nature-inspired patterns – flowers and birds.
31 March | NEWS
tulip print fabrics collection
Every year people all over the world come to tulip festivals to admire gorgeous flowers that symbolize love and happiness.
24 March | NEWS
ItaIian silks
When we want a holiday, we create it.
10 March | NEWS
Fasac fabrics
A warm summer afternoon, an outdoor terrace and a flower-scented garden…A charming hostess in her airy silk dress enjoys a breath of warm wind as she pours tea into thin porcelain cups.