26 May | NEWS
cotton fabric collection
The art of embroidery that has been neglected over the last years is walking down the runways.
15 May | NEWS
guipure lace
Exquisitely patterned guipure lace catches the eyes of the whole world during fashion weeks. We are happy to introduce a brand new collection designed in Switzerland which heats imagination and sends you on a journey into the magical world of nature.
5 May | NEWS
Solstiss laces
What are fairytale dresses made of? Dawn, starlight, enigmatic mist, rose petals. In TISSURA we call it simply – laces.
12 April | NEWS
prom dress fabrics
With prom just around the corner, it’s time to start designing your perfect dress – the most beautiful and important attire in a girl’s life.
7 April | NEWS
fabrics with birds and flowers
We’re excited to welcome a selection of embroidered fabrics with nature-inspired patterns – flowers and birds.