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Cotton Fabric 496


Cotton fabric is a natural cloth that combines perfect tactile properties and splendid designs. With lots of different weaves, they are used in a great number of clothing: dresses, skirts, blouses, trousers, tunics, shirts… A 100% natural material, cotton is the most common fabric used in clothing.

Very durable, resistant to tearing and high temperatures, it is also very moisture absorbent and not subjected to static electricity. Grown without application of pesticides or chemical fertilisers, it is safe and pleasant to your skin.

Cotton Suppliers

Premium quality cotton fabrics are sourced from Italy, Switzerland, Great Britain and other European countries. European cotton manufacturers produce a wide range of these textiles for various uses – from summer dresses, skirts and blouses to trousers and shirts. The most prominent brands are Hausammann, Cotonificio Albini, Thomas Mason and Liberty.

Cotton Collection

At Tissura, all cotton fabrics are woven exclusively of long and extra long staple cotton sorts, such as Egyptian Giza 47, Giza 87, American Supima and West-Indian Sea Island. Renowned for their fineness and softest silky feel, they are the go-to options for blouses, dresses, skirts, summer and morning outfits.

Our cotton collection gets regularly updated to meet the current trends. For fashion season S/S 2019 and A/W 2019/2020, those are batiste, lawn, voile, twill, jersey and knits, muslin, sateen, jacquard, velvet, organdy and poplin.

Cotton Jacquard #1
Cotton Jacquard
SKU: 00071193
US$ 39
Jacquard fabric from 100% cotton. Colors – different shades of light blue.
Cotton Poplin #1
Cotton Poplin
SKU: 00071192
US$ 49
Pure cotton fabric. Pattern – flowers in the shades of slate blue, off-white, green and orange on a mustard yellow background.
Cotton Poplin #1
Cotton Poplin
SKU: 00071191
US$ 49
Pure cotton fabric. Pattern – flowers in the shades of light blue, off-white, light brown on a slate blue background.
Checked Cotton Fabric #1
Checked Cotton Fabric
SKU: 00071190
US$ 53
100% cotton fabric. Pattern – off-white checks on a dark blue background.
Cotton Jacquard #1
Cotton Jacquard
SKU: 00071188
US$ 70
100% cotton fabric with fil coupe pattern. Patten – intricate botanical and animal designs on a dark blue background.
Cotton & Linen #1
Cotton & Linen
SKU: 00071187
US$ 46
The cotton and linen blend fabric. Colors – white and light blue.