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What makes a lace evening dress that desirable for every woman? Even if lace is monochromatic and has no embroidery, it exudes pure femininity and charm. This fabric has a certain distinctive feature compared to other exclusive fabrics for a luxurious dress: with all the magnificence induced by an impressive cut, it manifests the splendour of elegance creating an amazingly graceful look.

Patterned all-over, it doesn’t require much jewellery or accessories to complement your outfit — this sort of fabric is perfect in itself. However, there’s no limit to perfection! Add one lace gown to your wardrobe, and stop bothering about any additional embellishments. Maybe just a little bit.

Lace fabric may vary in the degree of its luxuriousness. The leading European lace manufacturers create true masterpieces of the haute couture level, playing with colours, embroidery and laser cutting. Given all that splendour, it would be strange if such an exclusive fabric wouldn’t be favoured by fashion houses. And it surely is! Lace never ceases to flash on the catwalks of Paris, Milan, London, Berlin and New York. Across the variety of whimsical concepts, there is a clear trend that will define fashion standards of the two upcoming seasons. Well, what’s going to blaze the streets of European capitals in spring/summer 2019?

First, let's look at the most demanded colourways of 2019. Luckily, they are all about the emotions of happiness, optimism and joy. According to Pantone, the year of Yellow Dog will be marked by the tints of yellow (Meadowlark and Lime Punch), violet (Ultra Violet and Spring Crocus), pink (Pink Lavender and Blooming Dahlia), brown (Chili Oil and Emperador), green (Arcadia), neutral (Almost Mauve), saturated red (Cherry Tomato) and blue (Little Boy Blue). The classic Pantone palette of autumn 2019 contains four basic neutral colours: dark blue (Sailor Blue), beige (Warm Sand), grey (Harbour Mist) and white (Coconut Milk).

Fashion colours 2018

The main idea of evening fashion 2019 is clear as daylight: the aggressive style of a vamp woman gives way to a tender look, expressed through flowy translucent skirts, volumetric cuffs and offbeat decolletes.

Without any further ado, let’s review the most expected lace dress types in the spring/summer season of the year to come.

1. Floor-length dresses.

Сlassic fishtail and mermaid silhouettes are the go-to options for evening affairs and prom balls. Both dresses are bodycon and accentuate the most gorgeous parts of your body.

Next season, their design will be all about appliqued flowers, overlays on silk and luxurious embroidery. What types of exclusive lace fabrics are best for these stunning dresses? Try embroidered lace by Solstiss Sa, sequined guipure lace by HOH, or multicoloured guipure lace by Forster Rohner.

2. Evening dresses with voluminous skirts.

This coquettish style resembles the 1950s. You can make a gorgeous lace gown using lots of lace fabric, or opt for a charming lace bodice to draw attention to your neck and decollete. Such lacy dresses with a fluffy skirt will help you show off your slender legs.

In these gowns, it's the bodice that sets the mood. Take your time and choose the best fabric there is to make an unforgettable outfit, e.g. guipure lace by Forster Rohner or Solstiss, high fashion Chantilly lace by Solstiss, wool guipure lace by HOH, or corded lace by Sophie Hallette.

3. A-line lace dresses.

This dress style is a nostalgic flashback to the fashion trends of the mid 20 th century. However, unlike 50 years ago, these days fashionistas are not that much impressed by the technological advances in chemistry and prefer natural fibres over synthetics. Plus, in the 1960s people were crazy about geometric patterns and vivid colours.

According to 2019 fashion trend predictions, A-line lace dresses can be casual and impressively luxurious. Use Chantilly or corded lace for lace dresses you're going to wear during the day, and don't forget to decorate neckline with a matching lace trim. If you want to meet special occasions fully armed, go for haute couture and embroidered guipure laces by Forster Rohner, unique Swarovski appliqued Chantilly lace by Jakob Schlaepfer, or guipure lace by Solstiss.

4. Sheath lace dresses.

Fashion is circular. Just like voluminous and A-line gowns, a sheath evening dress originates from the past. The difference is in the time period between the first origin and the current trends. A-line silhouettes and full skirts have been around us for about 50 years, while the sheath dress history accounts for whopping 4,703 years! The first depictions of it were found back in the Old Kingdom of Egypt.

By all means, ancient civilisations didn't have lace, and lace sheath dresses appeared much later. But this historical fact proves that this cut has always been perceived as elegant and worthy of the higher social class.
Sheath lace dress

Today, a sheath dress is a classic option for a casual office outfit. The lace one, though, is for a special occasion. The short version has already become traditional for a cocktail dress and will remain as such in 2019. The long one is also called column. It hugs your waist, emphasizes your curves and helps you look taller in case you need it. This dress can easily put you in the spotlight, just mind its close-fitting design in case your participation in an event requires dancing. Then you might need something more flared.

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