Exclusive Silk Fabrics

Lustrous solid styles, whimsical prints, glittering embroidery, the stylish combinations of colours and patterns — this all is about exclusive silk fabrics created to steal everyone’s attention. Born in the mills of prominent Swiss, Italian and Austrian manufacturers, they convey the utmost level of silk weaving experience and design expertise by such prominent brands as Jakob Schlaepfer, Forster Rohner, Ruffo Coli, Aldo Bianchi and HOH.

Very often, the visual splendour created by those manufacturers demonstrates the technological advance of the company and makes the brand a desired partner of the leading fashion houses. What can be more appealing than flaring in the dress that looks so much familiar with something they have all seen on catwalks a couple weeks ago? All these dreams come true once you know the place where any fabric from the world of haute couture can be found.

What Makes Them Exclusive?

Very often, one glance is enough to notice some features that are not quite specific even for conventional fabrics from the renowned manufacturers. Sometimes, the distinction is not that obvious until you scrutinise a luxury silk cloth a little bit more. There are innumerable ways to enrich fabrics with unique details today, as that is what world's most prominent fashion houses spur the manufacturers to do every year. All in all, exclusive fabrics can be characterised by the following properties:

  1. The complexity of the design. There are no limits to the artistic fantasy of European silk fabric designers. Striving to rock the fashion world, they use various features, e.g.:
    • chiffon fabric with floral motifs made with satin stitch embroidery or golden jacquard;
    • organza with a lamé effect, satin stitch, paired with taffeta in a double layered design or strewn with Swarovski crystals;
    • taffeta with fil coupe designs, jacquard weave or sequins;
    • jacquard fabrics with golden embroidery or metallic threads;
    • mainly solid designs for satin, as the texture of this silk fabric works for itself;
    • the luxury versions of georgette with conversational patterns.

    Given such impressive diversity of designs, there’s no surprise the next point is …

  2. The application of cutting-edge machinery. Today, the embroidered designs are still impossible to be made in any other way than by using advanced sewing and printing equipment.
  3. The double-layered and double-faced structure. Either solid and reversible or printed, they are suitable for a wide variety of garment options and can be used without a lining. This fabric type is not much common and can certainly be regarded as a sign of luxury.

The Typical Application

Exclusive silk fabrics are used for different types of evening clothing. "Well, but which fabrics should I use for a dress and which ones for a skirt or a pair of trousers?", you may ask. A fairly reasonable question! We've expected it and prepared the following miniguide for you:

  • For dresses and skirts, select chiffon, crepe, crepe de chine, jacquard and satin.

In case your dress concept looks almost ready but still lacks some zing, finish it with embroidered silks such as chiffon, tulle, organza or taffeta.

  • When it comes to blouses, embroidered fabrics are the go-to option as well. Check out also fil coupe, Swarovski feathered or sequined chiffon, metallic silk jacquard and floral appliqued silk crepe.
  • If you want your jackets and trousers look especially stunning, opt for double-faced silk satin, haute couture embroidered silk or organza cloque.

The Main Producers

Very often, exclusive silk fabrics equal haute couture fabrics, which means that there's quite a limited list of manufacturers that specialize in them. In fact, these cloths are produced by the brands that enjoy an impeccable reputation in the world of high fashion. Those are such renowned European factories as:

  • Jakob Schlaepfer and Forster Rohner. The most meticulous of you could rightfully argue these two don’t really produce silk and would be technically right — what they do is just design. However, this fact explains the awesomeness of that design! Never ceasing to stay highly creative, from one fashion season to another they keep surprising fashionistas with massive application of embroidery, fur, dimensional and oil-style prints. If the manufacturer has been not that relevant factor in fabric selection for you before, from now on you can be sure that these Swiss two won't ever let you down.

  • Ruffo Coli. The collection of exclusive silk fabrics by this Italian brand at Tissura cannot be defined by any particular single concept. To get an impression about it, just have a look at the brief descriptions of only some of them: glossy solid double-faced silk satin, silk taffeta fabrics with the metallic fil сoupe effect, organza and double-faced jacquard cloque, silk embroidered with myriads of silver and black glass bugles… Even the most logic-driven individuals would hardly retain their state of mind when being shown these.

  • HOH. Silk fabrics by this Austrian manufacturer are all about complex embroidery. Tissura collection comprises fabrics that feature various motifs, from traditional floral to some whimsical ones sewn by hand onto the ground. Regularly selected by the world-renowned fashion houses, exclusive silks by HOH convey the true spirit of haute couture.

  • Aldo Bianchi. Amongst the exclusive silk fabric collections represented above, the one by Aldo Bianchi is probably the most stylistically balanced. Coming with embroidered organza and tulle fabrics, it resembles some classic designs by one prominent fashion designer from Lebanon. The combination of an airy translucent ground and voluminous floral embellishments makes exclusive silks by Aldo Bianchi the right option to emphasise your womanliness and endow your look a celestial vibe.
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