Exclusive Wool Fabrics

Exclusive wool fabrics are the go-to options for creating luxury suits, jackets, coats, dresses, skirts and sweatshirts. You can also use them for finishing your silky or cotton outfit to give it a couture vibe. What makes these fabrics exclusive? The first thing you should know, they have little to do with rare wool types. One could argue, these fabrics can be made out of noble wool types, such as alpaca, angora or mohair — and he or she will be right. In fact, however, noble wool is not a compulsory component. What makes that wool luxury then? Well, it is all about the design, or the type of embroidery, to be exact.

Coming in various weave types, such as tweed, tweed boucle, jacquard, wool knit and gauze, exclusive wool fascinates with décor that makes this fabric distinctive — sequins, satin stitches and rhinestones.

exclusive wool fabrics


The question that inevitably starts spinning around your head once you see these fabrics is about the kind of outfits you can make out of them. Well, let’s see:

Exclusive wool fabric application




Embroidered mohair

Forster Rohner,

Jakob Schlaepfer

jackets, coats

Embroidered wool tweed boucle


dresses, skirts, jackets, coats

Sequined wool

Embroidered tweed

Jakob Schlaepfer

coats, dresses, jackets, skirts, sweatshirts

Embroidered wool

dresses, jackets, skirts

Embroidered alpaca and wool

Embroidered wool tweed

Embroidered alpaca tweed

Embroidered cashmere tweed

Embroidered appliqued tweed

Wool tweed

Embroidered wool crepe

Sequined tweed boucle

Bow applique wool jacquard

dresses, skirts

Mohair, alpaca and wool

coats, jackets

Luxury alpaca and wool

coats, dresses, jackets

Sequined wool gauze


Sequined wool knit

coats, sweaters


Just a quick glance at exclusive wool fabrics is enough to realise the highest level of designer’s work and technological advance of their manufacturers. The level, worth of only limited number of European brands, namely Swiss Forster Rohner, Jakob Schlaepfer and Austrian HOH. These manufacturers managed to bring a couture vibe to the cloth that have most of the time been used solid, and typically associated with formal or casual clothing without much glitter or raised décor. We bet, the sewing aficionados could be curious about some typical features of the fabrics by each particular brand. What is special about them? Or is there anything special at all? Let’s figure it out.

Jakob Schlaepfer

This brand is a living legend in the textile world, as the world’s most prominent fashion houses and millions of fashionistas highly favour its artistic and inventive approach to fabric creation. Undoubtedly, the wool by Jakob Schlaepfer is no exclusion. Even the list of their names is illustrative enough: embroidered alpaca and wool, sequined wool knit, sequined wool gauze, bow applique wool jacquard, Swarovski embroidered tweed, etc. To categorise the range of wool fabrics by Jakob Schlaepfer, we should mention the following features:

  1. The application of satin stitch and rhinestone embroidery. What makes it remarkable, is the availability of various conversational patterns: vanity bags, Chinese handbags, perfume bottles, gorgeous ladies and the lines of skyscrapers. No less remarkable are the all over dainty embroideries with flowers.
  2. Hopsack weave.
  3. Overlapping sequin embroidery.

Forster Rohner

This brand is another classic representative of Swiss textile design school, renowned for its mind-blowing embroidered laces and tulles. However, when it comes to wool, its collection tends to be classified as less diverse. In fact, it is all about a minimalist embroidered floral pattern, that would perfectly match feminine coats and jackets. Exclusive wool fabrics by Forster Rohner contain mohair that makes them warm and nice to the touch.


The most remarkable wool fabrics by HOH — the Austrian brand renowned for the application of the most advanced machinery in creating complex embroideries — are wool tweed boucle and sequined wool. Their design slightly resembles that by Jakob Schlaepfer, as the manufacturer placed the décor along the lower edge. However, HOH fabrics stand out from the crowd due to their texture: they can be velvety soft or fuzzy as tweed.

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