Fashion Fabrics

Fashion fabric is a type of fabric intended for creating the clothing that meets the latest fashion trends. Typically, it is about special occasion outfits, but it may also comprise the elements of your casual or working wardrobe. These fabrics are often produced by the leading manufacturers in the industry, whose expertise in fabric design counts many decades.

Not limited to one particular type of fibre, weave, pattern or finishing detail, fashion fabrics come in a wide range of designs depending on the style trends of the current fashion season. These days, fashionistas can go either for timeless options, such as embroidered tulle, delicate lace, tweed boucle and velvet fabrics, or seasonal dressmaking fabrics like ombre silk organza, sequined, fur, feather or lame fabrics.

Fashion fabrics

It is important to draw a line between fashion fabrics and couture fabrics at this point, as in the first case we mean textiles meeting the current fashion trends, while the second term stands for the fabrics that have more commonalities with art rather than with fashion in its utilitarian sense.

Spring/Summer Trends 2018

It’s not a secret that fashion trend forecasts strongly influence the preferences of fashionistas all over the world. The new visions of this season style expressed through particular colourways, prints and other design elements encourage them on getting prepared either by going shopping or making an outfit themselves. If you are one of sewing aficionados, check out the spring/summer trends 2018 in the table below:

Table 1. Fashion fabrics for spring/summer trends 2018



clothing to make

American style stars and stripes

silk satin with white, red, and blue stripes

blouses, skirts, fringe dresses

Saturated colours

cotton, silk satin in vivid spring palette

suits, jackets, evening dresses

Transparent outfits

silk chiffon, organza, tulle

evening dresses

Mixed prints

polka dots mixed with floral patterns, stripes and conversational prints, ethnic and chequered prints

coats, dresses, trousers and short-sleeve jackets

Pastel colours

cotton, worsted wool

coats, suits, pyjamas

Satin sheen

silk satin

evening dresses, blouses, skirts


fringe tulle

dresses, skirts, blouses

Japanese style

silk chiffon and cotton in white and red

one- or two-piece dresses, kimono-style dress



ballet tutus, fringe dresses


shirting cotton, silk chiffon, silk crepe, worsted wool

dresses, skirts, shirts, trousers and overalls with pockets and zippers

fashion fabric

Autumn/Winter Trends 2018/2019

The following fashion season comprises the styles emanating extremely variegated dimensions of women’s elegance. There’s absolutely no chance to generalise them with any unifying concept except the freedom of self expression, as during the current autumn/winter season you will be equally en vogue dressed in the 1980s style, cosplaying Trinity from the Matrix, blazing in silvery futuristic coat, head-to-toe leopard print outfit, or western movies-inspired poncho. And these all are only the tip of an iceberg. How to embrace the entire scope of a/w 2018/2019 trends? The table 2 below is intended to help you.

Table 2. Fashion fabrics for autumn/winter trends 2018/2019





Leather, silk chiffon, sequined fabrics

Dresses, mini skirts, jackboots, pumps

Minimalistic maxi-dress

Silk chiffon, silk crepe

Long and solid dresses

New Victorian style

Bows, lace fringes, golden buttons, shirt-fronts

Dresses, blouses

Black warrior

Leather, fringes

Full/mini skirts, jackets, jackboot

Western movie

Ethnic print fabrics, suede, patchwork fabrics,

Leather trousers, poncho, jackets with fringes, wool dresses

Futuristic motifs

Silver glossy fabrics

Silver parkas, overalls and down jackets, coats, skirts

Rough sheepskin coat

Sheepskin, complemented with silk chiffon, silk crepe de chine, silk satin

Maximum rough rusty orange sheepskin coats, silk skirts

Forester wife’s style

Wool, cotton of earthy and bodily shades

Parkas, anoraks, trenchcoats, windbreakers and rainwear

Womanly carrot orange colours

Silk satin and transparent fabrics, velvet, cotton, leather

Dresses with a romantic cut, draperies, coats

Artificial fur

Artificial fur, silk satin, denim

Fur coat, printed trousers, pleated skirts

Mimicry and camouflage print

Floral printed silk, cotton

One-piece dresses, trousers, coats


Chequered wool, cotton

Chequered coats, suits, skirts

Trinity style

Glossy vinyl-coated fabrics, leather

Black vinyl overalls, coats, suits


Vivid neon cotton, wool

Jackets, dresses, baggy trousers, sweaters

Silk shawls

Printed silk

Dresses, coats, silk sleeves on a wool coat

Multilayer style

Wool, fur, printed cotton

Fur coat, parkas, anoraks, blazer, sweaters — all at once


Tweed fabrics

Suits, jackets, coats, skirts

Colourful vinyl

Glossy vinyl-coated fabrics


Animal print

Silk chiffon, wool

coats, suits, skirts, one-piece dresses

Tissura Collection

If the collocation “fashion trends” always grabs your attention evoking the set of brightest emotions, you have made the right stop. The fabric collections at Tissura are regular, which means they get instantly updated as soon as our supplier launches a new fabric production. Due to our well-established relationships with fabric manufacturers, you can buy online fashion fabrics of not only the current fashion season but of two or even three fashion seasons to come! You shouldn’t be a deeply sophisticated fashionista to acknowledge the evident advantage of such system: firstly, you have plenty of time to get prepared for the future fashion seasons by meticulously planning your dress style and sewing it with the necessary number of fittings. Secondly, even if you are not facing a big event in a couple of months, you can simply create a one-of-a-kind dress that will magnify everyone’s attention and evoke delighted sighs as you walk by.

Fashion fabrics

Whom does Tissura cooperate with? Those are such legendary fabric manufacturers as Jakob Schlaepfer and Forster Rohner from Switzerland, Ruffo Coli and Aldo Bianchi from Italy, Sophie Hallette, Riechers Marescot and Solstiss from France, and many, many others. All renowned for their impeccable weave quality, from one fashion collection to another, they come up with fabrics that often break all common stereotypes about what this or that fabric type should look like.

To give you a clue to what our fabric assortment is about, we have selected some of the chicest fabrics below. To get the most of our range, click on the button below.

fashion fabric

Exclusive guipure lace fabric, 840 € (1,086 US$) per one running metre

Fashion fabric

Feather embroidered tulle fabric, 475 € (614 US$) per one running metre

leopard pattern fabric

Wool jersey knit fabric, 45 € (59 US$) per one running metre

Fashion fabric

Metallic organza fabric, 192 € (249 US$) per one running metre

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