Lace Appliques Guide

Lace applique is a piece of openwork fabric. It can be sewn to a net-like base such as tulle or mesh or made by twisting, looping, knitting of threads. An applique pattern is usually floral or botanical. The raw materials can vary from silk and cotton to metallic and synthetic fibers.

Lace patches establish great opportunities for creativity. They look good with decorative elements such as beads, sequins, rhinestones or feathers. It is quite cool to embellish with appliques not only your garment but also shoes and handbags.

Lace applique

What are the Types of Lace Appliques?

There are 4 main types of lace appliques on the market: Chantilly, corded, guipure and embellished (beaded, sequined, adorned with rhinestones).

Table 1. Types, characteristics and uses of lace appliques
Type of lace applique Characteristics Uses


Lightweight, perfect for adorning airy sheer fabrics. Chantilly lace is often chosen as a base for embellished appliques.

Usually for bridal wear, such as for decorating veils, tulle and other sheer and lightweight fabrics


This type of applique is outlined with soutache thread. Being one of the favorites among appliques, it is a versatile patch for any kind of garment. It looks well with both an evening gown or plain cotton dress. There are also several other names of corded lace. For example, exclusive corded French lace has the second name — Alencon lace. There is also Lyon lace with soutache cord, which is true fashion heritage as it is made on the looms remained from the 19th century. Perfect for a vintage-inspired look.

Decollete or back area of dresses and blouses, bodices, evening and bridal wear


This type of lace appliques is quite heavy. It is made the same way as guipure lace (bobbin lace without net background which elements are connected with braids) and is usually attached to solid dense fabrics like crepe, sateen, poplin, linen, cotton, etc.

Sleeves, for finishing of dresses, jackets, jeans, evening and bridal wear, blouses and skirts


It is one of the most expensive types of appliques, adorned with rhinestones, beads, glass bugles, sequins, etc. The process is labor-intensive, as often it is made by hand. These appliques will be perfect for special occasions wear like a wedding or prom dress.

Finishing of dresses, blouses, skirts, evening and bridal wear

Embroidered Appliques

There is one more adorable type of appliques – embroidered patches, but they hardly can be called lace appliques in their pure form, though they look similar to guipure patches. Embroidered appliques are usually sew-on patches, made with satin stitch. They look absolutely adorable and are perfect for decorating casual wear and evening gowns.

How to Choose a Wedding Lace Applique?

Lace appliques are a good way to adorn your bridal gown. Imagine a white lace applique wedding dress. It will put you in the spotlight, whether you like it or not. Especially if you choose a sequined or rhinestone patch. The type of lace appliques will depend on the main material of your dress. For example, a guipure lace applique will go well with dense fabrics like crepe, embellished lace, and Chantilly patches will look gorgeous on sheer fabrics like tulle. As for corded lace appliques, they will be ideal both for sheer (tulle, organza) and opaque (crepe, satin) cloths.

For the second year in a row, 3D lace flower appliqués can be seen blooming on runways and bridal gowns alike. Luxurious and feminine, appliqué botanical details emerge from dresses to complement and harmonize with their environment – floral centerpieces or the natural surroundings of an outdoor wedding.

How to Sew Lace Appliques onto fabric?

It is quite a tricky question because depending on size and type of lace applique you need to choose the best one. Let’s find out what are the two ways to sew lace patches.

  1. Sewing by hand. Probably it is the most time-consuming way, however, you can control the position of an applique and tension of a thread. It is the good choice for stitching embellished lace appliques or small patches.
  2. Using sewing machine. This way seems to be a little bit complicated, but it will save your time. First of all, you need to apply the applique to the fabric and pin it. After that choose a twin stretch needle or use a zig-zag stitch. Then, remove pins and leave about 1.5 cm before cutting. Serge the edges after cutting, if you like.

lace applique

How to Use Lace Appliques?

Let’s see how we can apply lace appliques for an effortlessly cool look.

  1. Pencil skirt with a tone-on-tone lace applique on the edge. Team it with a leather jacket to make a totally chic ensemble.
  2. Sheer silhouettes. A tulle maxi dress with lace appliques is irresistibly feminine and gorgeous. Perfect for evening wear and summer outfits. Add sunglasses or a fancy bag. High heels are strongly recommended.
  3. Neckline or collar decoration. Probably it is one of the best ideas how to adorn a plain dress or top. Your look will be romantic yet elegant.
  4. Bodice with a lace applique. Make black lace applique accents on a white dress. This simple combination of colors will look fantastic and be a perfect match for your next party dress. Another idea is to sew a strapless dress with a lace applique. Choose a juicy color fabric and pair it with a tone-on-tone lace applique on a bodice for an eye-catching outfit.
  5. 3d flower lace applique. It is one of the most popular and easiest ways to decorate any garment. Just use a lace applique as a standout feature for coats or cardigans, blouses or dresses. Do not restrain your imagination!
  6. Decoration of bags. Add a romantic note to your handbag, by adorning it with lace appliques.
  7. For shoes. Lace appliques on your shoes will create a vintage-inspired look. Keep it casual by pairing your stunning shoes with classical jeans or solid dress (skirt).

How to Wear a Lace Applique Dress?

A lace applique dress can be a versatile outfit. Let’s imagine that you work in the office and plan to go to the party with friends in the evening. Choose a lace applique dress, adorned all over in dark hues – black or blue, pair the dress with a solid nude jacket and shoes, add a fancy bag. Before leaving the office you can change your shoes to more glamour ones or change nothing in your look and keep it casual.

Where to Buy Lace Appliques?

Tissura has been working with leading European manufacturers of lace (including lace appliques) for two decades, always choosing the best quality to meet any taste. From the classic monochrome color palette to juicy red and emerald green hues, you will find everything to create a trendy look.

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Appliqué has been around for just about as long as sewing. This technique was originally used as a way to repair clothing and has since transformed into its own art-form.

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lace applique

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lace applique

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