Lace Trim

Lace trim is a type of openwork fabric that is used for delicate embellishment, not for separate garments. Long but narrow, it resembles lace but comes in a vast variety of widths, mostly from 5 cm to 30 cm. Some lace trims are edged with eyelash scallops, some have sheer tulle ground.

Certain kinds are plain and understated, others sparkle with beads, sequins and crystals. Lace trim looks good on a bridal dress and a basic T-shirt. Choose and buy a lace trim online for your special project!

Lace trim can uplift your favorite garments and give zest to the evening gown you’re dreaming to make. If you have a vague idea of how to use it, take a look at a lace trim tank top or a camisole. Lace trim shorts or leggings can make your outfit more feminine and flirty. Play it safe like an Oscar de la Renta guipure lace-trimmed tweed dress. Or dare an Agent Provocateur kind of a silk satin robe with lace trim decoration. You can even reinvent Audrey Hepburn’s iconic black lace mask from ‘ How to Steal a Million’!

Types of Lace Trims

Lace trims are as diverse as lace itself. And of course lace trims are differentiated by type. Let’s start with the most popular ones:

  1. Chantilly trims. Feminine and airy, a Chantilly lace trim is perfect for any kind of clothes. Black Chantilly lace trims are simply made for silk lingerie. White Chantilly lace trims can embellish a bridal veil or a wedding gown. Red Chantilly lace trims are a go-to option for power pieces like a backless evening dress.

  2. Corded trims feature a floral pattern or a bouquet motif, overlaid with matching or contrasting soutache cord. Corded lace trims are renowned for their raised patterns, which lend clothing a textured look.

  3. Guipure trims are a type of bobbin lace that consists of interconnected raised elements. They are mostly used to finish skirts, bodices or trains. Distinguished by thick outline, guipure lace trims look nice paired with fabric like silk satin, tweed boucle and cotton twill.

  4. Embroidered trims won’t leave you unnoticed. Choose from the hand-embroidered trims with myriads of glass beads, sparking bugles and fancy Swarovski beads.

  5. Macramé lace trims are usually made of 100% cotton yarn. Their simple designs with a rustic vibe will speak volumes about your style.

  6. Exclusive trims are crème de la crème of fashion trims. The very best of hand-stitched embroidered trims, eye-catching designs, faux fur and trembling feathers.

Lace patches can add a touch of elegance to any part of the garment. Lyon lace décolleté patches are shaped like lace collar to add a striking detail to your dress or blouse. Floral patches of about 10 cm in diameter look great on denim clothes. Place them conspicuously on collars, sleeves and pockets.

Top Lace Trim Producers

Most lace trims are Italian or French made. But fashion rules have exceptions.

  • Choose a lace trim with a story. Sophie Hallette lace was used for Marilyn Monroe’s white bustier dress. The famous French House was founded in 1887 and was related to all the famous designers of the 20th century.

  • Looking for luxury lace trims? Your choice is Riechers Marescot — a part of the House of Sophie Hallette. It combines a century-old lacemaking tradition with unusual and contemporary design.

  • Have a look at delicate lace trims by Solstiss — a renowned lace manufacturer based in France. Inspired by anything and everything, these dedicated producers call themselves ‘DREAM WEAVERS’.

  • The most original lace trims are produced by Kawaii Lace – a Tokyo-based exclusive lace manufacturer. You can hardly find another reputed Japanese fabric producer with premium quality and classical European designs.

  • Guipure lace trims can be found at Hoferhecht Stickereien. The website of this renowned Austrian manufacturer says HOH ‘stands for creative high-end embroideries, especially sequins’.

  • See fabulous macramé trims with whimsical floral motifs by Marco Lagattolla — a Milano-based manufacturer of high fashion fabrics.

Tissura Collection

Do not waste your time searching for the above-mentioned manufacturers online, buy lace trims at Tissura store! We partner with the leading European lace producers and offer trims of various types, colors and designs, perfect for evening gowns, prom dresses and more. Check out some of the most impressive ones below. To see the entire collection, click on the button on the page bottom:

Silk Chantilly lace trim

Silk Chantilly lace trim, 34 US$ (27 €) per one running metre

Guipure lace trim

Guipure lace trim, 53 US$ (43 €) per one running metre

Macrame trim

Macrame trim, 15.10 US$ (12.30 €) per one running metre


Macrame trim, 9.60 US$ (7.80 €) per one running metre

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