Sateen: Fabric Characteristics and Uses

Sateen is a fabric with a weft-faced structure. The front side is smooth and the back is rough and dense. The sheen of a sateen fabric is provided by twisted threads: the stronger the yarn is twisted, the brighter the sheen is.

It is a unique material, almost indistinguishable from satin. Its history began about a thousand years ago, and popularity over the past centuries has only increased. Today sateen fabric is widely used for making clothes, bed linens, curtains and is considered to be one of the most expensive and quality varieties of cotton textiles.

Sateen dress

What is the Difference Between Sateen and Satin?

Sateen and Satin sound almost the same and are very similar in appearance. It is often confusing to distinguish one from the other. Both terms refer to a method of weaving, but their structure is different, as well as fiber content. Let’s find out the main characteristics of sateen and satin.

Table 1. The difference between sateen and satin
Characteristics Sateen Satin

Weave structure



Type of f iber s



Raw materials

Cotton, linen, etc.

Silk, nylon, rayon, polyester


Less glossy, softer

Glossy, slippery




Properties of Sateen Fabric

Sateen comes in many different weights and is easy to sew. For its softness and shine it is often compared with silk, but it is more affordable in terms of price and allows you to significantly expand your wardrobe. The main properties are:

  1. Breathability. Garments from cotton sateen maintain comfortable body temperature.
  2. Durability. Printed or solid, it keeps original color for a long time and looks great even after many machine washings.
  3. Glossy surface. Its front side features a smooth and silky surface and it is almost indistinguishable from natural silk and satin.
  4. Softness. It is a pure pleasure to touch.
  5. Hypoallergenicity. Made of natural cotton, sateen does not cause allergic reactions.
  6. Wrinkle resistance. The fabric has great drapability and creates soft folds.

Sateen Fashion Trends and Uses

The assortment of products made of sateen is quite wide from child’s wear to women’s fashion outfits. Depending on the type and quality, sateen fabric can be chosen for everyday wear or an elegant dress or suit. The fabric is wrinkle-resistant and it is an especially valuable quality for a fashion dress.

What to sew from sateen? Made of natural cotton, it is a perfect material for child’s wear, lingerie, blouses, dresses and even suits. If we look again at the properties of sateen fabric, it becomes clear that it is a versatile fabric. With a touch of elastane, sateen will be great for sewing trendy trousers. Let’s talk about fashion trends 2018/2019.

  1. Prints:
    • Floral. Flowers are all the go. Sateen floral dress is absolutely versatile. It looks good in the office, on a date, at a party and more.

      sateen fabrics

    • Stripes and vertical stripes especially. Make a neutral blue-and-white dress, pair it with a denim jacket for a trendy look. Get inspired with sailor vibes!
    • Checks. It is a never-ending fashion story. Several seasons in a row checks are on all runways in the world, next season the print is also a must-have of any wardrobe. The breakout of this season is gingham checks.
    • Polka dot. Maxi and micro, mixed with other patterns, in classic and bold hues, polka dot is a longstanding fashion print. As Marc Jacobs said: “There is never a wrong time for a polka dot”. Choose it for an ultra-feminine mini dress or a blouse with puffy sleeves.
  2. Colours. The top color of the year is ultra-violet. However, pastel colors like lavender, mint green, peach, sky blue, rapture rose will dominate this season. If you want to add a flirty note to your look, choose a chilly red color, for an elegant evening outfit – deep blue or chocolate brown.
  3. Style:
    • Pajamas are a new street-style. The full pajama style needs sophisticated accessories like open toed high-heel shoes and a fancy bag. If you wear only a pajamas’ shirt, pair it with leather skirt or jeans.
    • Ruffled Skirts. Romantic and flirty, maxi or mini, team them with an off-the-shoulder top or plain shirt. Frilled sleeves is another idea how to add ruffles to your everyday style. It is perfect for a fancy sateen top, as the fabric has great drapability.
    • Shirt Dress. It is an essential thing in any summer wardrobe. It looks simple and elegant and the main idea is to combine a shirt dress with eye-catching accessories and shoes.

      sateen fabric

    • Add a belt, blazer and sunglasses for totally chic ensembles.
    • Tie Waist Details. The shirt-around-the-waist look is all the vogue. A tie waist sateen dress is super comfy and eye-catching. Team it with heels or low-heeled shoes, add a shoulder bag and sunglasses. The tie waists will look cool on trousers and skirts, pair them with a denim jacket or crop top for a fresh and chic style.

Cotton Sateen

Cotton sateen is made of the finest high-quality yarns. It is one of the most expensive types of cotton fabric, which is widely used in the production of clothing and sheeting. With elastane fibers, cotton sateen has got some stretch and increased wear-resistance.

To make a cotton sateen, mercerization is applied. The process is the following: cotton fibers are first soaked in a solution of alkali, and then — in an acid bath. After such treatment, threads become firm and smooth and do not fade after staining. In addition, mercerization gives the cotton thread a beautiful sheen.

“Mercerization of sateen fabric makes it denser and improves quality of staining”.

Tissura Collection

Cotton sateen is one of the favorites on the market. Without a doubt, it is a summer must-have because of its finest properties. Buy cotton sateen at Tissura store from the leading European manufacturers:

  • Cotonificio Albini (Italy)
  • Carnet (Italy)
  • Hausammann (Switzerland)
  • Grosber (Italy)

Our mission is to be fashion-forward, that is why you will find the fabrics which meet the latest trends. Cotton sateen with floral, stipes, polka dot prints for your new fashion outfit is already here!

Cotton sateen fabric

Stretch cotton sateen, 57 € (70 US$) per one running metre;

Cotton sateen fabric

Stretch cotton sateen, 57 € (70 US$) per one running metre;

Cotton sateen fabric

Stretch cotton sateen, 57 € (70 US$) per one running metre;

Cotton sateen fabric

Stretch cotton sateen, 57 € (70 US$) per one running metre.

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